Chapter eleven

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The sound of gears grinding and the bus jostling to a stop woke Percy. A light groan escaped her lips as she surveyed her surroundings. She noticed a dark smoke coming from the hood of the bus, which was obviously not meant to happen.

"Of course..." Percy muttered with an eye roll while running a hand through her hair. "Nothing can ever go right if you're Percy Jackson, can it?"

She grabbed the bag she had and stepped out of the bus, thanking the driver as she got out. She soon noticed a road sign telling her she was in West Virginia, about a fourth of the way to the desert. She let out a sigh and took a sip of the water she had stored into her bag, putting it back as she walked along the side of the highway, hoping to find someplace she could catch another ride.

Much to Percy's dismay, she heard loud growl coming from behind her. As she turned, she was ment with a Hellhound, it's onyix coat matted down by dirt and grime contrasting greatly with the faint glow coming from it's fed eyes. The daughter of Poseidon drew Riptide, the bronze catching the light, casting an even brighter glow effect, she tossed her bag to her side by the trees, not wanting her clothing cash and food to get trampled by the large mythical dog.

Glowing red met sea green. The supernatural dog's nostrils flared and Percy twitched in her fight stance. The giant hound began to run at Percy who grabbed the fur on the hound's prosternum, hoisting herself onto the dog. Once on the Hellhound's back, she began to make her way to it's neck which proved difficult with the dog thrashing about trying to get Percy off. She approached the neck, slashing at the giant head looking back to try and kill her, and managed a pitiful stab to the crest of the neck, it was not lethal but would slow the animal's movements. She pulled Riptide from the beast's flesh and made a light slash along it's throat, not killing it but helping Percy, another stab through the nape should have killed the hellhound but the animal continued to fight, blood seeping from the wounds, staining Percy and it's fur. Shocked at the fact that the animal had not yet exploded into golden dust with the last strike, Persephone bagan to worry that the doors of death might have opened again, in her worry, the beast was able to knock Percy off. She landed with a loud thump against the frosted grass, quickly getting up and taking a couple steps back to search for weak spots and came to the conclusion that if angled correctly, a strike below the rib cage could finish off the monster. Taking action, her plan became a reality and sure enough, soon she was showered by golden dust, gold and dust clinging onto the sticky drying blood of the now dead creature.

Percy breathed a sigh of relief, and did a quick check to make sure no more monsters surrounded her, once she determined that it was all clear, she grabbed the bag she had tossed aside, glad that she didn't keep it on her during the fight. She capped Riptide and continued walking for what felt like forever- but was maximum two hours- until she found a rest stop where she did her best to clean off the blood/dirt/gold mixture and change into one of her spare changes of clothing. At said pit stop, she met a nice elderly couple (who were roman demigods and recognized her tattoo) that offered to give her a ride up to Dallas Texas which Percy immediately accepted.

Thanks to the mist and the protection of the elderly couple, Percy made it to Dallas mostly in one piece. In Texas, Percy found an acceptable motel to stay in for the night and grabbed some food. By daylight, Percy was already waiting for the first bus of the day that ended up taking her up to Las Vegas, she left Vegas as quickly as possible, still haunted by the ghost of her dead lover. Along the way to the Mexican border, a couple more monsters had come and tried to face Percy, she beat them quickly and relatively unscathed. At the border she did encounter some trouble with immigration officers, but thanks to the mist they let her through.

Once she'd made it to Hermosillo, she found a hotel and rented a room for the night. While roaming the halls of the air conditioned building, she encountered a familiar face. Usually, Percy would be more than glad to find someone she knew and trusted, but given the wording of the prophecy, a trustworthy friend was possibly the worst thing to find.

"Percy!" An excited shriek came from the other end of the hallway; Grey. Percy made eye contact and immediately regretted everything. Grey didn't even know about the demigod aspect of their life and yet the gods were roping them into this.

"Grey. What a small world." She tried to sound enthusiastic but the words came out more worried than joyous. "What are you doing here?"

"I came with my dad. He's an astronomer and takes me with him whenever an event as big as a solar eclipse is happening. The desert just so happened to be the best view point." They told Percy with a grin. "What about you?"

"It's a long story..." Percy scratched her arm nervously. "Grey, I really think you should be careful, I know the eclipse is tomorrow and all but try not to go out. I heard some dangerous things are going to happen today. I don't want you to get caught in the crossfire..." Percy warned Grey.

"You're being silly, Percy. There's nothing to worry about. Besides, I wanna see the city before dad and I head out in the morning. Do you want to come explore with me?" Grey offered, a carefree grin still gracing their face.

"I'd love to, Grey, but I'm willing to bet my life that tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me. I suggest you do the same. Please." Percy asked, hoping her voice wouldn't betray her true worry.

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