Chapter twenty nine

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"So Dick called," Tim started, coming back into the hospital room, "Wally told him you were in here and he's on his way with Damian. Bruce is trying to deal with the Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy." He kept his voice down, the pain meds from Percy's surgery were beginning to wear off and she went from loopy to angry in just a second.

"Alright, Percy fell asleep while you were out." Jason said casually, he was sitting on one of the couches with his legs spread, on his phone. "Roy said he can pick you up if you want to go."

"It's fine, thanks." He refused and instead sat on one of the surrounding armchairs. He had grabbed Persephone's chart to check what'd happened, the bullet had grazed the brachial artery, which led to more dramatic blood loss, but had luckily missed the collarbone. A deep suture with nylon thread had been used to close the vein, the chart went into detail about her blood type, and time of the surgery, but Timothy mostly grazed over that, she was prescribed with some milder opioids and NSAIDs. The wound was a 'simple' one but since an artery was pierced the medical staff wanted to keep Percy for a couple of hours after surgery.

"Hey, Jason?" Tim called out, eyes not leaving the paper.

"Hm?" He hummed in reply.

"So apparently Percy should be about good to go, we all could probably leave with Dick." He mentioned casually, as as he spoke, the eldest and youngest of the Wayne wards stepped into the dingy beige room.

"How is she?" The oldest of the five asked while the demon beside him scowled at the white plastic that took the wall behind the bed, he carefully studied the buttons that littered it and remembered the light medical training he had.

"Asleep right now. Replacement looked over the charts but she seemed fine to me, a little loopy and calling super villains 'mama' but fine by Percy standards." Todd replied, running a hand through his streaked hair.

"Yeah, she got lucky. Just barely grazing an important artery and missing any bones. They had to fix the vein and she is going to have to take it easy for a while, but she'll be fine." Tim told them, summarizing what he'd read. "Once the doctor says the word, we can go take Percy home."

"Why was she in Central, anyways?" Dick wondered out loud. "Better yet, why'd Wally know? The two don't seem very close."

"She was still high when she said it, so I don't know how reliable it is, but she said that the new Central hero, Maritime, was her." Jason provided. "I guess the mask would make sense if she really is the rookie hero."

"That also explains Wally, I guess." Dick sighed out and hat on the armrest of Tim's chair while Damian glared at Jason manspreading on the couch. The little demon wouldn't have sat next to his undead brother either way, but wanted to let the older know how much he hated him.

A while passed in which a couple of threats and stabbing attempts occurred before the doctor came into the small hospital room holding more vigilantes than would be needed for a room that size. He handed the bunch a pile of papers and told them the medications and procedures that would take place after. Percy would have to go back in a week for the medical professionals to check over the healing and remove the sutures, she would also have to go through a rehab period to regain full mobility of her arm. After Dick, being the only legal adult in the room, signed her release papers, they started picking up and waited for Percy to wake, which didn't take long. They left shortly after.

Upon their arrival at the Wayne manor at nearly six in the morning, the quintet were greeted by Bruce Wayne himself and Alfred, who was probably scarier. Before they had gotten to the hospital, the boys lent Percy a pair of sweats that Dick always kept in his car and a sweater, since she hadn't wanted to put the bloody hero suit on again.  The older man stepped forward and did a once over on Percy and guided her to her own room carefully, he would reprimand her, but she'd had enough for one night.

Bruce had stayed and was interrogating his kids. "West called me to say that Percy got shot and wouldn't give me any more information. I had to go try to capture Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Explain."

"Well, Percy got shot in the shoulder." Jason spoke up vaguely.

"I can see that." Bruce replied unamused. He glared at the four who remained in the room, eventually getting each of their stories, Jason's getting a few laughs. By noon, the six Waynes were sat at the lunchroom table, the boys laughing about what Percy had said while on the high potency painkillers.

"She called me 'Burgers'." Tim pointed out after a spoonful of the soup Alfred had made. This again had the table laughing. "She then sand the Red Robin food chain jingle."

"I was on painkillers." Percy grumbled crossing her arms and pushing away the bowl of soup, practically full.

"Percy, you need to eat." Bruce instructed, pointing at the dark gray bowl.

"I'm not hungry. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious, but I'm not hungry." She tried to shrug but the bindings on her arm (as well as the pain that had been dulled by the opioids) impeded her.

"A lot happened yesterday, but you still need food. At least a couple more spoonfuls? Please?" The adult pleaded softly with her."

"I guess. Fine, dad." Her eyes widened and she started to spew out apologies while the boys laughed, mainly at her reaction, they had all at some point called Bruce some variation of 'dad'.

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p.s. do you know how difficult it is to look up the surgical procedure for a bullet to the shoulder? Very. I gave up on that and just gave Tim a basic chart. By the way, I absolutely live for you guys' comments, they all either hilarious or really sweet, so thank you for that. Thank you so much for all the support, I hope you enjoyed. I love you, bye.

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