Chapter seventeen

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Wally was being held up by the collar of his shirt. Jason dangled him in the air, a piercing glare on his face. "Is she single?" He questioned threateningly. "The real question is are you single? I mean you were the one going on about how hot your new hero girlfriend is. So tell me, West, are you single?"

"Y-yes" He stuttered. Jason may have been younger than Wally, but he made up for that in height and aggressiveness.

"Why do you need to know if Percy's single, Wallace?" Jason practically growled.

"No reason."

"No, no. If you asked, you must have had a reason. What. Was. The. Reason." Wally was still being held up in the air and despite his scientific mind, he was praying to whoever would listen that Jason would put him down. That man was terrifying.

"Put him down, Jason." Percy commanded, having walked over to the scene.

"No." Jason refused. His hand made it's way down to his gun.

"I said put him down." She didn't have to raise her voice. Her tone was one that said not to mess with her, it demanded respect. That paired with the glare would have been enough to make a grown man run with his tail between his legs, Jason was no normal man, though. "Now."

"Fine." He grumbled putting Wally down and giving him a merciless look.

"Thank you." Wally said to Percy as Jason walked towards a blameless punching bag that was about to feel his wrath. "And um, I guess you probably heard, but are you single?"

Percy paused for a moment. Sure the person she had been in a relationship with had recently passed and technically she was not seeing anyone, but she wasn't ready to start dating anyone and much less talk about Annabeth's death. Percy was not a touchy feely person. Percy was not the type to let people see her when she was vulnerable orr talk about her emotions. She settled for the classic "I'm flattered but it's complicated."

"Ah, okay." Wally said, his voice saddening slightly. Percy wanted to get out of that situation and realized she might as well head out for patrol. She quickly excused herself, she changed into her Maritime suit, this time wearing the same black hoodie as before over the stretchy fabric, it seemed like a normal thing for a teenage girl to wear when she had her pen and domino mask stuffed in the packet of the oversized jacket. She again hopped onto the subway, making her way to Central City while har mind ran wild with thoughts and memories of her past, the quests and sneaky kisses she'd shared with her Wise Girl. Percy shook off the thoughts as the automated voice announced the stop where the girl had to get off. Persephone followed a similar routine to what she had done before, stopping some muggings, a minor drug bust, an a couple other things. She followed the same basic regimen she had the day before, and again met up with Kid Flash on the roof.

"Fancy seeing you here." She started, glad to get to chat with someone who shared her type of humor.

"Couldn't get enough of me, could you, beautiful?" He joked, crossing his arms over his chest and adjusting his footing to a 'cooler' one.

"I could say the same about you, handsome." She winked at him jokingly and burst into laughter, Wally following suit.

"So what brings you to Central City?" He asked, making conversation.

"Well, the Flashes seemed nice enough, unlike the Bats who would have my head if I dared help out in their territory." Percy answered, letting her hair down only to regather it and tie it up again.

"I'm guessing you're from Gotham?"

"Ding ding ding!" She mimicked a gameshow bell then dug her hands into a pocket she had hidden within her suit. "And for your prize..." She looked at what she had taken from the pocket and moved it around with the other hand. "I can offer you lint, a candy wrapper, or a hair tie."

"I'll pass. Thanks for the offer though." Kid Flash replied with a smile gracing his face. "So... Gotham..." The two talked the night away, making jokes and laughing under the full moon. Eventually the two left, having to go to their respective homes.

After the long ride back, Percy tried to quietly open the door, only to be met with the faces of the six men she was living with. She was screwed. They caught her. She didn't want to give up the hero work, but she assumed that none of the bats would be too pleased with her.

"Percy." Bruce started. "I understand that you want your freedom, but Gotham is a very dangerous place." His speech resembled the talk Alfred had with her slightly over a week before. "After you escape a couple of days ago, the boys and I noticed that you do not have a phone, which is good in terms of productivity, but it makes it very difficult to reach you."

"Okay?" Percy was caught off guard with the mentions of a phone. After her deal with Zeus, a phone probably wouldn't do much damage.

"We think you should get a phone to stay in contact." Jason spoke. Damian gave him a glare that practically screamed 'leave me out of this'. Percy also noticed Tim staring blankly at the horizon, she felt bad for how out of it he seemed.

"That's fine I guess. I just want to know who woke up Timmy? The poor coffee addict looks real bad." Percy asked them.

"Master Timothy was wondering the halls after his time patrolling." Alfred informed. "I will be making arrangements for Miss Persephone's cellular device." He excused himself and left silently, giving Bruce a look that Percy was unable to read.

"Percy, you have been with us here for about a month and the media is starting to speculate. I will be hosting a gala to introduce you to the public. Is that alright with you?" Bruce told the girl before him.

"Um... Sure... When'll it be?" She asked, somewhat distracted.

"Tomorrow night?" Dick answered for his adoptive father with a sheepish grin."

"Of course it is..."

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