Chapter twenty six

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"You're a meta?!" Jason asked once Percy had calmed down enough to crack a stupid joke. He wouldn't tell the girl, but her panic had really worried him, he'd never seen her get that bad.

"Ah, fuck, hold on." She said while getting up ungraciously. Since at this point there was no point in hiding her powers, Percy willed herself dry and tugged on the clothing she was wearing previously, not too keen on having to come up with some excuse for her powers while wearing a damp bathing suit. "Okay, define 'meta'." Percy asked, pointing a finger at Jason as though telling him to speak.

"'Metahuman' is a term coined by the alien Dominators. Originally meant for people with any sort of genetic mutation, but now it's more commonly used to refer to a human with 'superpowers'." Tim quoted as he stepped into the gym, being led by the demon who shortly after Percy panicked, went to recruit help. "How are you feeling?"

"Snazzy." Percy joked, finger gunning at the question she'd been asked too many times in such a short time frame. "As for the meta thing... ~eh~" Percy shrugged, finding it easier than actually explaining.

The boys looked unimpressed at Percy's reply, not having expected too much from her. "Does this have to do with your strand? The strand of white hair you have?" Jason asked, taking his own white piece of hair in his hand to demonstrate.

"I guess..." Percy contorted her face, hoping to lighten the mood. "Like it wasn't some sort of freak accident that stole my hair's melatonin and gave me water control." She waved her hand trying to give a vague enough explanation.

"Melanine." Damian said in a condescending tone, pinching the bridge of his nose in a very Bruce Wayne like way.

"Then how did you get your powers?" Dick asked, he'd stayed silent until now. He was messaging Bruce about the incident that had happened.

"It all started when my mom met my dad. They fell in love and had me. Hi, my name's Percy, and my life is kinda crazy." Percy referenced a tik tok as her answer, turning her gaze as though her reflection on the glass door were a camera. Ever since she got her phone, she spent way too long on it.

"Goddamn." Tim mumbled exasperated at Percy's reluctance to answer. "So you were born with them?" Percy simply finger gunned in reply telling him he was correct. "Were you born with the hair streak too?"

"Nope. I carried the sky." She told, exaggerating her facial expressions just enough to make it seem like she was joking.

"Fine. What are your powers?" Dick asked, him having the greatest patience.

"I can control water and talk to horses. Oh and fish too! I can talk to fish and sea animals." She grew excited when mentioning fish.

"What do horses have to do with water related powers?" Jason asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know..." Percy said cryptidly, earning a stifled 'weather boy' from the oldest brother who had to at least pretend he was serious.

"In case you didn't know, Todd, many mythologies, such as the greeks and romans, related the creation of horses to the lords of the ocean." The youngest of the five said, holding his nose high in the air.

"Demon-" Percy began but was cut off by the devil spawn correcting her.


"Demon," she emphasized the word, not wanting to refer to him by his name just to piss him off. "is on the right track. With that, I'll be going. You already have way too many resources." She stepped out of the gym leaving four brothers to look questioningly at each other.

As she was passing by the front door (the stairs closest to her room just so happened to be the showy ones in the entrance room) The door opened and a pissed redhead with a metal arm stepped in.

"Yo!" She called getting his attention from halfway up the stairs. He looked up, confused. "Can I help you?"

"Are you new? Did Batsy- Bruce adopt another one?" He corrected himself quickly and kept his face looking upset.

"Yes. Anywho, whacha doin here? Wasn't the door locked?" Percy asked, acting casually.

He looked her up and down, seemingly suspicious. "I'm here to pick someone up."

"Finally the demon was reported to the authorities." She said wistfully.

"Not him, Jason." The redhead obviously wanted their little chat to end, Percy however, wouldn't allow that.

"Are you his boyfriend~" Percy said in a singsong voice. One of her favourite hobbies was implying that cishet men were gay, their reactions were always priceless.

"He told you?" He asked, still looking suspicious of her knowledge.

Her eyes widened and her mouth split into a huge grin, almost Joker-like. "YOU'RE HIS BOYFRIEND?!"

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