Chapter forty six

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A steady and constant beeping brought Percy back into consciousness, her eyes were blurry, and her entire body was sore, her veins felt cold as if someone poured a minty drink through them. She brought her hands together and rubbed them to create some sort of warmth, everything was cold, and she soon began taking her now warmed hands and rubbing up and down her arms when she noticed an IV in her arms which was hooked up to a blood bag to a blood bag. "That's why my blood feels cold" she mumbled out loud.

Tim, who was asleep near her in the Batcave Med bay woke up and started laughing at her statement. "Your blood feels cold?" he chuckled as he stood to grab her a glass of water. "How are you feeling?"

Percy replied truthfully but quickly as she remembered her youngest brother's predicament. She began rapid fire asking questions about Damian, things like his whereabouts, whether or not he was safe, if Bruce knew, the whole nine yards. Tim's face grew solemn, he tried to make it seem the best possible without lying but even that was worrisome, he explained how Talia, Damian's mother, had kidnapped him (yes it was Talia stop coming at me. I was trying to be mysterious). He also explained how he had been told to stay behind and look after Percy while the rest of the Bats went in search of their brother. Now, Percy didn't like this decision and immediately started stressing out about it, carefully taking out the IV that made an unnerving sound as it came out, and looking frantically for her Maritime costume.

As Percy was searching the empty room for her hero suit and Tim tried to hold her back, Wally casually walked in holding a tray with two cups of coffee. The scene he walked in on was not one he was expecting, but he set the coffee down and leapt into action, restraining Percy in a hug that kept her from hurting herself or anybody else while calming her slightly. He leaned into her ear and asked in a whisper "What's wrong? You need to calm down before we can do anything."

Percy gave a small nod and took a couple of deep breaths before she spoke. "Damian. I have to find him." Percy already felt responsible for countless deaths and she wouldn't be able to live with herself if something happened to her brother. She'd already let her first love die, her friends' deaths hung in her consciousness, dragging her back like a ball and chain. She could not and would not let her brother, the baby of the family, be harmed because she passed out, had she stayed awake a little longer, stayed just a little stronger, she would have Damian with her. If she hadn't been so weak, she might have been able to save Damian, she could now be ruffling his hair as he pretended to hate her, maybe he wouldn't have been dragged away kicking and screaming, maybe she could finally hug him without him struggling. But now wasn't the time to dwell on what might have been, now was the time to fight like hell to get him back. She'd failed her loved ones before; she would not fail them ever again.

"I can't let you do that." Tim spoke, he knew how Percy felt, he recognized the feeling as it was burrowing into the pit of his stomach. He also knew that Percy was too weak to go and return alive, he couldn't have both of his siblings' demise on his shoulders. "You wouldn't make it out of there alive. They are training assassins, the best of the best, your death would mean nothingto them, but it would absolutely crush us. I know you want to help, but by going you would be doing more harm to us than good to him." Tim's voice was uncharacteristically quiet, it trembled and lacked the certainty that was usually present.

"I'd kill me it I did nothing to help him. You know how it feels, Tim. Look me in the eyes and tell me that you wouldn't flip the world upside-down to know that he's safe." Percy was angry, not at her brother but at herself and she had to make it known, her words were harsh as her sea green eyes burned holes into Drake's back. 

He had not yet met her eye, but as she challenged, he moved his gaze up, crystalline eyes shattered showing his pain. "I would. And that's why I can't let you go! You have no regard for your own wellbeing and in case you haven't noticed we care about you! I know for a fact if you went out there in the state you're in, you would be dead as soon as you stepped foot in Al Ghul soil. Percy, every single one of us would 'flip the world upside-down to know that you are safe, and you wouldn't be if I let you go. Bruce and Dick and Jason and every other member available is out there getting him to safety, and the difference between you and them is that they didn't nearly die because they wouldn't let themselves be helped!" He was shouting now, his arms waving around to express his concern, hand pointing at the glass door that sat at the end of the room, trying to get his older sister to understand.

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