Chapter forty one

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A still-blushing Percy appeared at the doorstep of two infamous villains, taking the key they had given her and opening the door to the base. Her converse making a hollow clacking sound against the boarded floor as she made her was to fume on the old couch that adorned the room. She sat pondering and regretting what she'd done, she only regretted snapping at Megan and Connor the rest she was proud of. Percy decided she would wait for Mama Harles and Mama Ivy to return and she would tell them her troubles and get their opinions on what to do.

"Ivy? Is that yo- Oh Percy! You're back!" Harley quinn emerged from  room, a grin breaking on her face as the realized the young ravenette had come to visit her and her girlfriend. "It's been so long, how are you, have you eaten yet?"

"I'm fine, thanks Harley. Actually there is something I want to talk to you about..." Percy started, getting Harley's attencion, she then continued on to tell the older woman about her experience, everything from the team hating her to the kiss. "-and then I kissed him and I left and now I'm here."

"So you haven't talked to the speed demon about what happened?" Poison Ivy asked, she had gotten there halfway through the retelling of how she met Superman.

"No, and I don't really want to, I mean he's been great to me and I don't want to ruin what we have now, but I think I already wrecked it." Percy explained, resting her face in her hands, her knees having been brought up and her heels were resting on the edge of the sofa.

"It's going to get worse if you don't tell him, so you probably should." Harley suggested softly, placing a hand on the younger's shoulder comfortingly. "Go ahead, we'll be right here if anything goes wrong."

Long story short, Percy was on the tallest building in Central City wearing her Maritime costume as she waited for a yellow clad redhead to appear. The wind carried her hair as her index and middle finger tapped against her thigh, the nervousness practically rolling off her until a yellow blur stopped in front of her, a gust of air coming with Kid Flash's arrival.

"So..." Wally started, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

"Okay look, so I probably messed things up because you're a great friend and I would never want to loose you but I also can't stand having you as a friend." She started, letting out a sigh as she punctuated her leading statement. "I like you, I like you a lot. You're so smart and kind and nice, you're adorable and the more time I spend with you the more I realize just how badly I'm falling for you and I can't handle you not having you in my life but having you as just my friend seems so much worse." She quickly spoke.

"Percy-" The boy again started, his hand lifting closer to Percy, he quickly put it down as the ravenette cut him off.

"And I'm sorry I ruined things, I don't want to cause any issues but I always end up being the cause for most of them. And yeah, I just had to tell you that."

"Percy you haven't ruined anything." The redhead spoke gently stepping closer to Persephone.

"But I have. I- I kissed you and I-"

"I like you too Percy, and I have for a while." He stated simply. The two stood there looking at each other at a loss for words. It felt like a dream, of all the possibilities Percy had come up with for how that was going to go, Wally returning the feelings had never crossed her mind and now she stood mind blank and racing at the same time. After another short while of silence, the speedster decided to speak up, though it was a whisper that would have been carried away by the gentle breeze had it not been for Percy being hyper aware of the moment. "Would you maybe be open to the possibility of being my girlfriend?" He brought a hand up to scratch the back of his neck utter terror at a negative response running cold through his veins.

Percy rolled her eyes and smiled fondly before she spoke. "Oh just kiss me already."

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p.s. this chapter was so awkward istg why can't i write a single fluid scene that i s n t gore. (i can write pretty good gore I just havent yet) also sorry that its short. so anyways... we lOvE a relapse in mental health.. haha kill me please. My brother is playing fornit and why does he have to yell so much like dam shut up bro. Um I've been in fencing for like a month but i just changed from a foil to a sword which is fun cuz sword is like the chaos friend and yeah. feat. me being a clingy, needy bitch that everyone hates.

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 im gonna fite u and I for one, dont have the wrath of the gods against me

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