Chapter thirty

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The word 'dad' hung in Percy's head like a noose. She said it, she now wanted to disappear from the surface of the Earth. Let's move on with our lives, right? Wrong. A set of Batboys sat in the lunchroom cackling while Percy was resembling a firetruck.

"It's fine, Percy. There's no need to worry." Bruce told  her with a soft look on his face. "They've all called me some variation of 'dad' at some point."

"Ye- yeah!" Dick started between giggles. "Your reaction was pretty epic, though!" Percy's blush was beginning to cool down, and the boys eventually stopped their laughing fit.

The rest of their lunch went by smoothy, the occasional remark but overall quietly. Once they'd been dismissed, Percy made her way to the library, which is rather odd for her, dyslexia and all. She began browsing the rows upon rows of books upon shelves and was thrilled to find that for some reason they had a couple in ancient greek. She grabbed the book she thought would be the most interesting and began her reading.

A while later, Damian strutted into the small 'dead language' section the Wayne library contained, he'd been practicing linguistics for a while and frequented ancient tales. Much to his surprise, Damian came across Persephone huddled in a corner, leaning against a shelf while immersed in a story. The blood son, having nothing better to do, initiated conversation with the girl.

"What are you reading?" Percy had gained his respect in battle, but he didn't consider her a very smart person.

"Greek heroes." She answered absentmindedly while continuing her fast paced reading.

"If that's what you're reading then how did you end up in this section of the library?" He asked haughtily.

"It's in greek." She replied, looking away from the story and holding it up for the younger.

"You can read ancient greek?" Disbelief filled his voice. "You can barely read English."

"Ha ha. Very funny. But yeah, I can read ancient greek. I'd be more shocked if you, Mister 'i am better than anyone and everyone', couldn't read it." She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Damian didn't answer, he'd been struggling slightly with greek and would never admit it, and sat beside Percy, reading the story of Atalanta over her shoulder. "What is it with you and greek anyways? Greek name, you can read greek, polytheism..."

"I guess you could say that mom liked the greeks..." She mumbled and gave a short laugh. "How'd you know I'm polytheistic?"

"You mumble 'gods' under your breathe more than the greeks themselves." Damian retorted, feeling more at ease around Percy. There was something calming about the girl, much like a calm river or the beach on a sunny day.

The two continued sitting in that corner of the library, mostly in silence, until Bianca arrived and took all of Damian's attencion. Soon after the pup (who had grown very much since she was rescued) fell asleep with her head on the current Robin's lap, Damian decided to ask Percy another question.

"Why Bianca?" He whispered to Percy while keeping his gaze on the wolf.

"She was a huntress." A sad gleam passed through Percy's eyes.

"Of Artemis?" This earned a hum of agreement from Percy. "I've never heard of her."

"She didn't live long. It was a very tragic story."

"Oh." The two again fell into a comfortable silence, only interrupted by Bianca's soft snores. Soon enough, they were called out for dinner and then sent to bed. Well, Percy was sent to bed and Damian went on patrol, Percy would have gone too if it weren't for her most recent injury.

The dark haired girl sat on her bed, pouring a couple of different pills in her hand and gulping them don with a swig of water. Bianca also sat on her bed, the two keeping each other company and sitting idly and listening to each other's breathing. Eventually Percy's back hit the mattress and her eyes ran over every inch of the room she had studied so many times before. The dullness of it all would have usually have lulled her to sleep, but on that day her thoughts were running wild. She was thinking of everything and of nothing at the same time, never being able to pin down any one thought and her eyes traced over the edges of the door frame, or the windowsill, or whatever else her eyes would decide to rest over. The night was quiet, a blanket of darkness draped over the world, things were quiet, the night was a safe haven, not asking anything from anyone, giving Percy a time when she could really be alone, a time to be and not feel held back.

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