Chapter twenty one

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The door to the Wayne manor slammed open revealing the lightly starred sky of Gotham at night, Percy cringing slightly, she hadn't wanted to announce her presence quite yet to see if maybe she'd get a while of peace and quiet. Persephone was yet to go on patrol, but she'd gotten a couple of tips from the two villains who had pseudo adopted the recently motherless girl. Rather than getting greeted by the multitude of people who resided in the estate, all she'd received was Alfred's voice coming from some sort of hidden speaker.

"Miss Persephone, I will be right with you. I must first inform Master Bruce of your return." The old butler's voice came slightly distorted from the wall. The elder man had been in the batcave aiding the search for the recently kidnapped Persephone Jackson, he quickly let Batman and his birds know of the sudden return of the girl in question. Alfred made his way back up to the living area where he encountered a certain black haired girl fiddling with a pen.

"Hey Alfie." She greeted casually, almost ignoring the fact that she'd been captured and taken away hours before.

"Miss Persephone, I must ask to do a routinely check up on you. No need to worry," he read the girl's expression, "I do this every time any of the boys get kidnapped, and by the Joker no less." He soothed.

She gave him a look of uncertainty, but knowing the man, there was no way that she would win. Her collection of scars worried her, not the cause of said scars but rather having to explain it. No normal girl her age should have such an assortment of scars but sadly she was not normal, having fought two wars and countless of monsters she was bound to have some sort memento of her past battles. "I wasn't hurt, Alfred." Percy tried weakly.

"I'm afraid it is still customary, Miss." He replied, leaving no room for arguing in his voice. Percy sighed and slumped her posture but followed the tall man away from the room and into one resembling a clinic. The grandfather figure examined the girl and upon seeing the vast array of slightly raised and discolored skin gave her a look to which she responded to by shifting her gaze, making her message clear 'I don't want to talk about it'.

"That is all, you may go now, Miss Percy." Alfred told her. The girl took notice of the name change, could he have taken pity on her?

"Thank you Alfred." She said sincerely before staring on her way out.

"And don't even think of sneaking out again tonight, Miss Percy." Percy scrunched up her face, her plans for the night had been foiled but she supposed it was for a good enough reason.

"I won't. Goodnight Alfred."

Percy walked throughout the corridors, lost in thought regarding the dizzare day she'd had before. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and since she was so dazzed she hadn't heard them coming, so her natural response was to judo flip whoever it was. Another thud was heard followed by wheeze coming from the person who hit the floor.

"Oh gods! I'm sorry Tim! I didn't know you were there." She felt bad for the sleep deprived genius in front of her and helped him up.

"It's fine. How are you?" Tim asked, regarding the Joker situation. Percy hadn't recognized that Timothy's concern was in regards to her capturing and continued it like a normal situation.

"I'm good, and you?" Sally had taught Percy well, and the young woman was not about to reply rudely to her brother's question. Tim sent an unimpressed look her way and rephrased.

"What happened with the Joker? Are you okay?" 

"Oh! Yeah, I'm fine. Forgot that happened today, sorry." She apologized, now leaning casually against a wall. Tim looked at her questioningly, sure that was a regular occurance for the bats, but they had been trained, Percy hadn't, or at least not on her record.

"Okay...? Well if you're okay then I'll get going." He told her but it sounded more like a question. Percy waved goodbye and continued to her room. As Tim was walking away from the encounter he came across Jason who was no doubt going to check up on Percy. "Don't bother. She said she forgot it happened today."

"I'm still going to check, replacement." Jason snarled his rarely seen protective side coming out. He rushed his way to Percy's room, knocking softly on her door. "Percy?"

"Yeah?" She asked calmly as she opened the door.

"How are you feeling?" An edge of softness was in his voice as he stepped into the room, sitting on the girl's bed.

"Groovy. I made friends." A satisfied smile graced Persephone's face.

Jason rolled his eyes. "Yeah I bet. The Joker's goons are the friendly type."

"Not with the Joker." She told him as if it were obvious. "These two ladies 'kidnapped' me from the Joker but they were chill and now we're friends."

 "Mhm..." He gave up trying to get the truth from percy, he assumed this was her way of avoiding the topic. He walked out , leaving percy on her own and going to talk with Bruce.

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