Chapter twenty four

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"Us vigilantes?" Wally asked dumbfounded.

"Um... No. What are you talking about?" She laughed uncomfortably and tried to lean again an nonexistent wall which led her to begin falling, luckily the red head caught her. "I said you vigilantes!"

"No, no. You said us. What do you mean us? Is there a new bat I haven't heard of?" The speedster pondered out loud.

The daughter of Poseidon stepped out of her friend's grasp and lifted her hands in surrender. "Fine. you caught me. I may or may not be a vigilante." Percy emphasized the 'or may not' bit of her confession.

"Really?! That's great!" Wally exclaimed, excited to have another hero friend yet also somewhat worried that his crush (not counting Maritime) was putting herself at risk on a probably nightly basis. "What's your hero name?"

Percy cringed lightly while she gave him her answer, she was not too excited to see his reaction. "Maritime?" She said yet it sounded more like a question. Wally's eyes widened and his jaw dropped, obviously not thinking that her identity would be one that patrolled, not only away from the watchful eye of Batman, but one that protected Central City. He was speechless so Percy took this opportunity to fill the silence. "Yep... I patrol in Central. But there's a reason for that. None of the Bats know yet and I don't really want them to know 'cause you know how Bruce gets and yeah, maybe the Wayne manor wasn't the best place to tell you but I did and I would really rather you didn't tell anyone about the nighttime shenanigans. I really want to continue helping people but Bruce, not to mention Jason, are so protective and I doubt they'd let me get  very far without sending one of the birds to me." She rambled on, not wanting to hear the disappointment that her crus- FRIENd's voice would certainly hold.

"But- I- You-?" Wally began his sentence multiple times and moved around his hands as he tried to express himself. "But Maritime's so flirty and you're in a relationship?"

Of course he'd ask about that. "About that... I'm not actually in a relationship." Wally was about to reply when Percy cut him off. "I know I said it was complicated, and that because it is. If you want to know I'd be willing to share?" She bit her lip lightly and blushed. She hadn't spoken with anyone about the deaths that had taken place, let alone the death of who she thought would be the love of her life, so telling Wally was truly nerve wracking.

"I- Yeah. I'd love to hear." His voice was gentle, he may not be the best when it came to emotions, but he could tell that this was clearly a difficult topic for the girl in front of him.

"Okay." She responded, leading the way to the pool area. It may have been strange but she always felt safer around water. The reflecting light that floated in the water was being projected on the dimly lit roof of the pool area and the dampness that hung in the air comforted Percy. She sat perched on one of the vinyl strap pool chairs, hunched over her crossed legs. Dripping echoed around the silent room as Wally sat on the chair beside Percy's, the two faced each other and Percy began to talk.

"As much as I wasn't to, I can't give you all the details regarding this story, but I'll try my best. It all started when I was twelve, I know that sounds like the cheesy line you'd read in some sort of fan fiction when the protagonist is spilling their life story, but that's my start." She began. Percy refused to meet the older's eyes, her gaze shifted around the room mostly over the reflections of light that played in the water, and her hands rested on her lap, the right hand picking at the skin surrounding the skin of the left thumb.

"When I was twelve I started going to this special camp that taught me to fight, which is why I have a sword. The camp was not for mortals so the curriculum might not make too much sense to you, but that's beside the point. At this camp, Camp Half Blood, I met the Person who I thought would be the love of my life. Before you start, I know I was only twelve but we weren't expected to live for very long." She paused, her eyes a melancholic sea, and sighed before continuing. "Her name was Annabeth."

"Her?" Wally asked cautiously, seeing the sad look in her eyes.

"Yeah. Annabeth Chase. The most amazing woman I've ever met. She was brilliant and so brave. She was terrifying yet so gentle. She had great things going for her. We- we went on adventures over the summer, nearly died every time." She let out a dry chuckle at the memories that she'd shared with her Wise Girl. "But we always came out alive, until we didn't." She shook her head, trying to shake off the memory. "I'm getting ahead of myself. We started dating on my sixteenth birthday, but our time together was cut short. Long story short, I was kidnapped for eight months and the next time I saw her she and I went through hell together. She- she-" Percy tried but a choked sob stopped her from getting the last point, she was now realizing that she had never admitted the fact that Annabeth was dead out loud. The ravenette's hand flew to her mouth and as it did, Wally wrapped his arms around her in a comforting hug.

"Take your time, it's okay." He said comfortingly as he rubbed her back. By now Percy had hugged him back and was now crying on his shoulder.

"I- Annabeth is- she died in my arms!" She cried loudly. a heart wrenching wail came out of her as she finally said the words.

"I'm so sorry, Percy..." Wally told her while rubbing her back. The two sat there in silence, only interrupted by Percy's ragged breaths. The girl ended up falling asleep surrounded by two things she trusted, the water and her new love interest; Wallace West. He carried her up to her room and lay her under her plush covers, leaving the room with a final glance at the girl who was so much more broken than he could have ever imagined. Sometimes the masks people put on, are too convincing for their own good.

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