Chapter six

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"Bye Grey! Bye Grover! I'll see you later!" Percy shouted into the air, knowing that her two friends would hear her, and kept walking out of the school on the Friday afternoon.

"New girl!" Percy turned around at someone calling her (she knew it was about her since it had only been five days at the school and nobody else had entered the prestegiouse academy). She was sure that it was not a monster, they would usually call her sea spawn or by ther full name, but still her hand hovered over her (incredibly small) back pocket where Riptide resided in pen form.

"Can I help you?" She asked sounding bored yet intimedataing.

"Were you hanging around with that retard boy and that girl who thinks she's a boy?" A tall senior Percy'd seeen in her gym class asked her. His pale blond hair almost blended into his even paler skin, which was a stark contrast to his dark too small leather jacket, his balance was off center and he had almost cat-like green eyes.

"No. I've only been seen with Grey and Grover." She had dismissed his as a possible threat, and it he did try anything she could easily fend him off.

"Those two, Goat Boy and the tr*nny." He said, trying to seen larger than he was to intimidate Percy, since Percy nowadays seemed smaller than she was, the pit had drastically reduced her appetite and the large clothing she wore to hide her scars didn't help her seem stronger. A flip seemed to switch in Percy, loyalty was her fatal flaw and if some soon to be high school has been thinks he'll insult her friends then he is very wrong.

"Look, man, you now have two options; you can apologize to both of my friends and myself then leave us alone; or you can leave school today looking like a used voodoo doll. It's up to you." Percy said stepping closer and sizing up the boy who's name she still didn't know.

"What are you going to do, throw a water bottle at me, babe?" He said, earning a laugh from his goons.

"I'll unleash hell on you, baby." She whispered dangerously, cracking her knuckles which echoed loudly in the now silent hallway.

"Percy!" Came a call from the entrance of the school, Jason. He saw the students circling and knew there was a fight about to happen, not wanting percy to get caught in the middle of it, he checked the crowd and wanted to scream when he saw that it was Percy in the center along which the schools 'bad-boy.' "Percy, let's get you out of here. As for you, Lucas, leave her alone, she doesn't know what she's getting herself into."

"Well if it isn't the resident edge lord! I think she very well knows what she's doing, and plus, we both know that the best way to get something into a woman's head is to beat it into her." Lucas said. A low growl came from Jason until Percy spoke up again, her voice booming, commanding respect and attention.

"I know very well what I'm doing, I don't want you to fight my battles. If sir Lucas thinks he can slander my friends and leave without consequences he is very wrong. If you two have an issue then solve it on your own time, for now," she turned to look Lucas straight on, "square up, bitch."

"Looks like the little lady wants to learn a lesson..." He tried to intimidate her but Jason grabbed the fist that was poorly aimed at Percy's jaw. Percy grabbed her cousin and pushed him into the crowd.

"I said stay out of it. As for you, you're gonna have to try harder if you wanna get a hit in." Her voice clearly threatening, but taunting at Lucas.

The blond tried to punch her again, when she blocked the punch and threw one at his nose, making Lucas' eyes water involuntarily. He tried to knock out Percy's legs but the tears made it hard to see, so he instead gave the sea's child the perfect opportunity to grab his leg and throw him over her shoulder, turning around promptly and proceeding meet her promise of making Lucas look like a used Voodoo doll.

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