Chapter fifteen

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It was a dark and stormy night, as most nights were in Gotham, and a new heroine was escaping her house with a totally not suspicious trench coat on top of a spandex suit. She had made it out unnoticed, well, Alfred probably noticed but didn't say anything like last time, and was hopping on an old and dirty subway to Central City. Upon her arrival, our heroine, Maritime, took off her trench coat and removed her sword from it while stashing it away in an alleyway.

A shrill scream pierced the air, Maritime could tell that she was not too far and could probably make it in time if she ran. As she made her way towards the scream, she found herself staring down a lanky man trying to take a hot pink purse from a woman with a bruise forming over her left eye. She quickly analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that the man was a rookie.

The rookie must have noticed Maritime's shadow from the corner of his eye, because he gave a tough yank, sanding the woman tumbling towards the half empty dumpster behind her. The man tried to run past Maritime, hoping that the woman had distracted her, but due to the hero in question's battle training, the grunt that the lady let out as her back hit the metal was enough to confirm that she could be left unattended for a couple of minutes while Maritime stopped the man. She took hold of the small bag and twisted the man's hand at an angle that forced him to drop the bag, Maritime took ahold of his shoulders and with a spin around the man, wrapped her thigh's around his neck, reducing blood flow slightly until she felt the man go unconscious, she jumped right before his body thumped on the floor like a dead weight.

Maritime approached the woman, doing a quick once over and determining that the air was probably just knocked out of her. "Are you alright ma'am?" 

She let lot a wheeze, "Ye-yeah, I'm fine." The woman waved her hand dismissively, out of breath. Maritime handed her the pink bag after she had helped the woman up. "Thank you."

"Anytime." She spoke and ran off, boy was she going to regret the cardio in the morning. For the rest of that day, which happened to be a thursday, she stopped mostly petty crimes, fearing attention if she dove in too quick. Percy wanted to stay far from the spotlight, she'd been the center of attention for too many things at camp and didn't want to repeat her mistakes. If nobody knew who she was, she couldn't let anybody down, right?

Before she decided to head back to that subway station to get to Gotham, Percy decided to climb on a roof and do a final one over, making sure things were at least semi-calm for the time being. As she stood on the roof, the crisp wind caressing her face, she felt someone behind her. While she would have loved to come up with some quip, she couldn't come up with one in time for her to sound cool, and instead settled for turning around.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer" She remarked, now having noticed Wally, the man in the yellow costume from before.

"I would, but no distractions on patrol. Speaking of, what's your deal, beautiful?" He asked curious as to the new hero.

"What? Can't a girl go out at night in a spandex suit to kick ass and take names?" She laughed.

"I mean, go for it if you want. The greater good and all that. I'm Kid Flash, you?" Wally said casually.

"Kid Flash? How long have you been doing this for? More like Not-So-Kid Flash. I'm Maritime, big boy." She laughed, she felt at home near him, a relaxed vibe radiating off him.

"Yeah, well sue me." He joked. "Only reason I'm not the Flash is trademarking issues. You have no idea how annoying it is to walk into a government building and wait for them to call your number while you're in a bright yellow skin tight suit and are the second fastest man alive."

"Oh trust me, I'd know. ADHD's a bitch." She rolled her eyes good naturedly. After checking the time she determined that she would have to go. "Look not-so-kid, I gotta go. Can't let the parents know, ya'know?"

Percy put on her trench coat and took off the mask once she was out of sight, she walked over to the subway and made her way in a rickety train to a way too large house where she'd resided for nearly a month. It was almost two in the morning when she finally got back, not the best idea for a school night. Alfred stopped her on her way in, offering her some food which she politely refused. She took a shower and went to bed but not after hiding her hero suit in her bag (again, not the best logic, but her heart was in a good place).

By the time morning came, she was regretting her night of crime fighting cardio even more, but she still got ready for school. She got dropped of at the gates along with the bat-boys from where she went inside to had in her absence notice and find Grover.

"I know it's unbelievable, but that's what happened!" Grey was saying to Grover when Percy walked up to them. "Percy can tell you it's true if you don't believe me." They said quickly, not wanting to lose Grover's trust.

"I can vouch for them, G-man." She told Grover, resting her elbow on Grover's shoulders.

"Oh, don't worry, I believe you, Grey." He told them before turning over to Percy. "So, Percy, From what Grey tells me, you must have had a fun week." He exaggerated the word fun for emphasis.

"Sure... Fun..." She rolled her eyes, earning a laugh from her friends, and as a result, her.

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