Chapter seven

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Percy and Jason found themselves trying to sneak in a wolf cub under the watchful eye of the Dark Knight himself. The two were unable to get too far in their quest, getting caught in the back garden of the manor by an angry demon child.

"Persephone." He greeted, ignoring Jason and having not yet noticed the wolf pup. "I hope you are aware of the fact that news regarding the Waynes travels very fast, and that now includes you. Your little outburst was not good for the press, sea hag."

"Oh and you're one to talk, Mister 'I hold the record for the most suspensions in a school year'.  Plus, isn't it past your bedtime, demon?" Jason sassed, having witnessed just a glimpse of how broken Percy really was and now feeling protective over her.

"Shut up, Todd. Now, Jackson, care to explain why you are just now returning to the estate, hours after your fight happened?" Damian continued with a face of disgust. "And what is it that you're hiding?"

"Well, fetus, my absence is none of your concern, but if you must know we were walking around a forest and found this little cutie." Percy said, taking the pup from Jason and holding him out close to Damian's face. To her surprise, the previously angry teen's face completely lit up.

"What's it's name?" He asked joyously, extending his hands to carry the small animal.

"It doesn't have one yet." Percy replied, silently thanking the gods that she'd gotten Damian off her case for at least a little.

"Poor thing, it's injured. I can take it to Alfred for you." Damian said, still codling the pup. He started to walk away, the animal in hand, before Percy could reply. Percy and Jason shared a thankful look that the both of them got off the hook thanks to Damian preferring animals over humans.

A short while later, after Percy had showered and fully recovered from her meltdown at school, Damian showed up at her room holding a bandaged wolf pup, now washed and a lilac bow around it's neck.

"It's a girl." He said, putting down the pup who limped over to where Percy lay on her bed. Damian walked out, face emotionless again. Percy grabbed the now very clean wolf and placed her on her lap, thinking of a name for the pup.

"Maybe Lupa?" Percy thought out loud, shaking her head, being unsatisfied with the name. "You're much too sweet for a name like her's. You sorta remind me of Nico's older sister, Bianca." Percy sat pondering, not having noticed the pup peeking up at the name Bianca.

"Bianca" She tried, testing the name on her tongue after years of not having said it, memories from that quest coming back, her eyes watering slightly at the flashes of the death of her short-lived friendship. "Bianca." She tried again,  this time noticing responsiveness of the pup towards the name.

"Do you like the name?" She asked the pup. "Are you Bianca?" The pup yipping excitedly at the attention. "Nico's gonna kill me..." Percy mumbled as an afterthought.

"Hey Percy, you okay? I heard you fought Lucas today." Tim peeked his head into her room after a short knock.

"Yeah, I'm fine, you should've seen the other guy." She told him with a dark chuckle at the state of the guy who had insulted her friends.

"Didn't see him but there are rumors going around that you left him like an 'old rag doll.'" Tim said, recalled a post he'd seen on the school group chat.

"Actually my threat was a 'used Voodoo doll'. Tell your sources to get it right." She replied, a mischievous smirk on her face.

Tim furrowed his brows and tilted his head as he quickly studied her room nodded confusedly and walked backwards out of her room. "Okay...."

"Bye Timmy!" She waved with a laugh at Tim's theatrics. "Timmy Tam the night time man." Percy said in a singsong voice as the second to youngest Wayne left her room.

By nightfall, Percy tried to get some sleep. Almost two weeks into her life with the Waynes and Percy had barely managed to get a couple hours of sleep in. If Percy was being honest, she was exhausted. Exhausted both physically and mentally and it was a never ending loop. The thoughts that haunted Percy during the day, came back to roam in the night. Persephone knew very well that tonight would be even harder than usual, due to the vivid flashes of what used to be her friends that brought down her walls in the day.

She hated the fact that with every breath, every blink, she felt herself giving into the temptation of rest. As tired as she felt, she knew that this sleep was bound to be plagued by nightmares, and considering the day she's had this night terror would be one much more difficult to break out of than any before. Still, her eyelids weighed to much and the idea of sleep was much too enticing so she gave in.

Hours later, shrill, feminine screams echoed around the dark wood of the Wayne manor. Immediately, five young men (and a ninja butler) jumped out of bed, grabbing their weapons and making their way silently to the source of the screams. The six were gathered around the still undecorated door leading to the room of their new housemate, Persephone.

They shared a look and Alfred moved to open the door, his slender figure practically noiseless as he approached the door handle. He opened the door, letting the Batfam see into the room of the young lady thrashing about her large bed, obviously still asleep. Tears pouring from her eyes and pleas for help escaping her lips along with desperate heart wrenching screams.

"What do we do?" Asked Dick, having never seen what seemed like a happy go lucky girl in such a vulnerable and distressed position.

"I- I'll go." Jason volunteered.

"The heartless one? No, Jason. Now is not a moment to pull a prank on her." Tim said, he too feeling protective over the defenseless girl in the dark room.

"I'm not going to prank her, Drake." Jason growled. He stepped into the room before Tim could protest.

"Percy," Jason spoke, strangely gentle, placing his hands on her shoulders to try and keep the trashing to a minimum. Percy unknowingly threw a punch that Jason was able to catch, earning a gasp from the brothers. "Percy, I'm not going to hurt you, it's me, Jason."

"It's my fault! They died because of me!" Percy cried, still asleep.

"Shhh..." Jason tried to calm. "It wasn't your fault. Their death had nothing to do with you." He kept trying, not being entirely sure who they were talking about. "Percy, would they want you to cry?"

"N-no..." Her eyes started to flutter open, now realizing the situation. She momentarily tensed, reading the situation then relaxed when she realized where she was and that it was only Jason Todd holding her. "Jason." She said, it was her way of grounding herself, being able to feel a person and identify them helped her feel in control of the situation.

"Yeah, Yeah, thats me." He said, smiling at the fact that he was once again able to help her calm down after some sort of panic.

"Percy! Are you okay?" Dick called out after a couple moments. He had already taken a picture of Jason gently hugging Percy after her panic.

"Yeah, Dickiebird, I'm fine now. Sorry for waking you all." She said, nodding her head at seeing Albert do a slight bow and walk out of the room.

"We needed to make sure you were okay." Bruce said calmingly. At this point Damian was long gone, not interested in emotions and Tim was standing uncomfortably by the doorway.

"Thank you." Percy tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She knew she wasn't going to sleep again and would probably head down to the gym, but she was happy to have found people who cared for her.

P.s. I can't write endings for the life of meeee. Hi. So this is a chapter, I'm sorry it took so long, but that happened. Um so I added another Jason being a good brother instead of Tim bonding time and Tim time will probably be pushed back a little cause now i have a plan for Dami. Thank you so much for bearing with me. Love y'all, bye!

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