Chapter two

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Death was nothing new to Percy. It felt like death was all Percy knew for so long, and for that reason, she knew how to deal with death. What Persephone thought was odd, was how different she felt today. Usually, at this point after a death, Percy would be trying to avenge the departed, yet this time she couldn't bring herself to feel anything. A twinge of guilt was all she could muster up as she lay with her back against the silk comforter that was draped on her bed. 

She watched the shadows projected in her room as a result of her open curtains and the gothic light fixtures that illuminate Alfred's well-tended garden. Persephone let her mind wander, something that was never positive, memories danced before her. The ravenette and her deceased lover were the protagonists of many epics, and everyone knows that the main character stays alive, so why did Athena's child have to die? Many questions prodded their way into the young maiden's mind, none of them positive.

Wondering why the gods hated her so, why her storybook love story was ripped to shreds at the hands of the hate-filled rulers of the universe. Why had Aphrodite forsaken the star-crossed lovers of Sea and Smarts? Persephone's thoughts would have continued to spiral down this dangerous slope had it not been for the thud and groan that would have been inaudible to anyone not of her training.

The girl scurried to the vast window that adorned her empty room, silently opening it and gazing out over the gardenias that shimmered like stars against the dark bushes surrounding them. Her eyes were drawn to what looked like a shadow, rocking itself while clutching one of its extremities. As the shadow stood and walked further into the gardens and came into light, Percy was able to identify a bird-like blue logo resting over a broad black-clad chest, the facial structure of the birdman she recognized as Nightwing bore a striking resemblance to a certain acrobat she'd been introduced to when the sky still held Apollo's chariot.

Percy was a smart girl. She could be an idiot sometimes, but she was a smart girl, and the influence of a grey-eyed girl that had chastised her way into Percy's heart certainly helped bring out Percy's logic. The Bats that protected the streets during the night were supposed to be a mystery kept hidden from the eyes of wrongdoers by the world's greatest detective. If that was the case, then why was it so easy for a seventeen-year-old disaster to crack the code with only the help of an up-close meeting and a slight slip up. Were Gothamites really that dull?

Percy continued to ponder that question as she roams the halls of the for-the-aesthetic dimly lit and dark mansion. The minutes turned to hours and she eventually found the gymnasium and pool area. With its fluorescent lighting, glass doors, and mirrors covering the further most door, the room immediately won the title of the brightest room. She opened the glass door, almost expecting a store chime to sound when she did, and took in the heavy machinery with sticky notes that read things like 'back off Todd, I am the blood son' and 'damn it, demon, the gym is NOT yours' with a doodle of a demon beside it. High ceilings and acrobatic equipment made it obvious that this was not your run-of-the-mill gym.

She noticed the sliding glass panels leading to a glass room with a large pool taking up the majority of the space, and a couple of vinyl strap chairs on the pool deck. She kneeled by the pool's edge, letting her hand daintily touch the surface, watching as ripples form from the touch of her fingers.

 After another short while, Percy left the pool room and gym area running into Bruce Wayne in the halls, emerging from his study. She nodded in acknowledgment towards him, taking note of his ruffled hair and obvious eye bags, pen and grease-stained his usually pristine hands, and it was clear that he didn't expect to run into anyone.

"Hey..." She was yet to refer to him by any sort of name, not knowing where she stood on formality with the dark-haired man.

"Hi, Percy." The eldest Wayne checked his watch and decided that it was too late for him to try and get any sleep. "I'm going to go make some coffee, do you want any?"

"Yeah, I'd love some." The pair made their way to the kitchen to be greeted by the ninja of a butler, Alfred, with a mug of coffee in each hand.

"Miss Persephone, I do not know how you take your coffee, can I get you any cream or sugar?" He asked politely.

"Just Percy, please. And I like it black, thank you, Alfred." She said, taking a sip of her warm bean juice and practically feeling both serotonin and caffeine rush to her brain. She sat on a small bench in the kitchen and let her ADHD brain wander until the brothers came in. The youngest, Damian, came in first and poured himself what Percy thought was the largest cup of coffee she had ever seen. She looked over to her uncle who was reading the paper, and asked "Is he supposed to be drinking that? Isn't he like five?" at these words, Percy found herself in a chokehold with a knife to her throat at the hands of Damian.

"I'll have you know that I am thirteen, you sea wench." He said those words pointedly, the kid had somehow gotten news that Percy had found the pool. Before the child could continue to threaten or insult the daughter of Poseidon, she giggled and skillfully reversed the two's position, Damian now being the one with a knife at his throat.

"Respect your elders, toddler. Did you miss a bottle? Is that why the baby is so grumpy?" Persephone said in a baby voice that Damian was clearly enraged at.

"Man! That was awesome! You put the demon in his place!" Jason yelled, making Percy aware of the small audience that had formed. Percy let go of the boy, but kept the knife, and bowed theatrically. Maybe she could make a home of this place.

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