Chapter nine

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Percy sat with Bianca on her lap as she waited for Nico to finally wake up. It had been a little over ten hours since Nico Di Angelo collapsed within the Wayne manor, and he had been taken to one of the many guest rooms that the estate had. By the time the child of the shadows had awoken from his slumbers, he bolted up in search of Percy.

"Percy!" He yelled, as the ran frantically. He instead came across a tall elder man dressed in elegant clothing. "Hello, sir, could you please direct me in the way Percy is?" He asked the man politely, having been born in the 30s.

"Of course, young Master Nico." He began and led him through the maze that was the Wayne manor. He came across a white door and knocked twice, when percy opened he spoke again. "Miss Persephone, Master Nico has been searching for you."

"Thank you, Mister..." Nico started, waiting for his name.

"Alfred Pennyworth, at your service."

"Thank you, mister Pennyworth." Alfred gave a head nod and promptly walked out of the room. Nico turned to face Percy and with a look of absolute seriousness on his face "Percy, I have something I need to tell you."

"Me first. Okay, so you know how Biance chose Rebirth? Well I think I may have accidentally adopted your sister in wolf form..." Percy said, turning around and picking up the pup to show Nico. "Here she is. Say 'hi' Bianca!"

"Percy. This is important. We can discuss the Bianca thing later." Noticing the serious tone, Percy put down the pup and straightened up, listening intently. "Another prophecy has been issued."

"No-" A light gasp involuntarily left Percy's lips, her eyes shattering. "No. It can't be. Right? THis is a joke! Haha very funny. You can stop recording now." Percy said, not willing to accept the fact that she would probably have to put herself and now the Waynes at risk.

"Percy..." Nico spoke, a strange softness in his voice. He laid a hand on the girl's shoulder, offering comfort to her. "Do you want to hear it now, or later?"

"I guess now." Her voice broke half way through the sentence, she was now sitting on her bed since her knees were too shaky to stand. "I'll never catch a break, will I?" She muttered mostly to herself.

"The spouse of the earth you must face
In ends be met with warm embrace
The sun, sea, and shade shall again meet
Easily he cannot be beat
The sky will take form of who you trust
Beware or it will all turn to dust" Nico recited the prophecy to the trembling girl before him.

"Um- well the spouse of the Earth... The earth was Gaea so this must mean Uranus. Sun, sea and shade... I'll bet I'm the sea, and there's an eclipse soon so sun and shade. The sky is Uranus again, and he is going to-" She realized what that meant. "No! We can't have another Luke. No! Please!" She cried desperately, allowing herself to seem weak in front of Nico.

"I'm sorry." The son of death told her sincerely.

"It's the same every time. These damned gods." She said, speaking the last part more forcefully earning a roll of thunder.

"Percy, maybe the Sun and shade could mean the deadline and your quest companions." Nico offered. "Will and I could be the Sun and shade."

"I hope not. I don't want to see you two get hurt, especially so soon after you got together." Percy said, a small smile gracing her face at the mentions of the couple.

Nico suddenly winced and clutched his head. He looked towards his cousin and told her "My father is summoning me for a quest now... I'm sorry."

"It's fine Nicky," she ruffled his hair. "Now go, you don't want to keep the lord of death waiting."

"Lord of the dead." He corrected. "And don't call me 'Nicky'." The boy shadow traveled away, leaving Percy alone again. She had to tell her caregivers that she would be going on a quest yet she could not give away her godly parentage. She decided to go for a swim, it was what most helped her clear her mind.

She walked out into one of the hallways and shouted "I'm going out!" she knew one of the boys would hear her. She walked out into the half lit streets of her new town she wandered around the lackluster streets, letting her sea trained instincts to take over and simply pondering the prophesy. She eventually found her way to an ocean and striped of everything but her undergarments and dove into the water.

As she jumped she felt the water wrapping around her, warping and disturbing the imperfect stillness of the shore to allow her to enter the domain of her fathers. She took a deep breath in, water entering her system and feeling more like a breath of fresh air than any actual oxygen ever has. Closing her eyes, she allowed the waves to play with her hair, letting them take her deeper into the evermoving abyss. Unbeknownst to her, along with her entry a peace washed over the ocean, letting it know that the Sea's Princess had joined once again, the atlanteans in the unexplored depths of the sea could feel the wave of tranquility washing over them. Percy continued, moving her hands gently back and forth feeling the water's gentle touch on her skin. She continued to play with the sea until she felt she'd found a resolution to the query of the quest.

"I must face my demons, and i must face them alone." She declared. She'd decided that by the end of this quest, she would no longer be held a slave to the gods. She refused to be used like a puppet, she would become her own, no longer tied the life of a warrior.

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P.s. Hi! I wrote a thing. Let's not talk about the fact that the whole quest thing is based off of a Roblox CHB roleplay thing i did, okay? Anyways, this was not planned but I'm going to pretend it was (post quest she'll have the drive to become a superhero). I'm thinking of names for her alter ego and so far I have 'Maritime' 'Siren' and idk what else. If you have any ideas please suggest the name. Alright thats all. I hope you enjoyed! Love you!

Much love, Victoria <3

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