Chapter thirty four

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"Please! Stop!" Whimpered Jason, who was now writhing on the floor, clutching his head. His voice sounded simultaneously gentler and pained, a big difference from the cold menacing tone he had just moments prior.

Percy approached and kicked away his now discarded dagger. She knelt by the man, gently speaking to him. Though she felt terribly betrayed, she couldn't let him suffer. "Jason? What's wrong?"

"They- They won't stop." He managed out. "I- he- it! The thing won't let me! It wanted to h- hurt you!" Jason cried out.

"Who?" She asked her big brother, cautiously.

"The thing! I can't get it out! I was stuck, I felt like I was stuck. I couldn't stop the thing, Percy! I'm so sorry!" He apologized while trying to fight off whatever it was.

The two stayed there, Jason sobbing out meaningless phrases while Percy tried to console him, she had sent her location to the Bats, hoping that one of them would show up to help her with the blubbering mess who was monologuing just before. She felt wildly uncomfortable, her trust had been broken, she was almost killed by her brother and now was expected to believe that he had some sort of parasite in his brain that was controlling him. THis is why it was better before she trusted people. You get hurt less if you trust less.

Damian arrived a while later, acting haughty while he loaded Jason onto Tim's vehicle (Tim was going on about how the Demon was not to be trusted around Percy and arrived hot on Damian's tail). Percy's mind was thinking of a million things at once, yet nothing at all. An unwelcome numbness overtook her, she was only vaguely aware that she was being transported until she collapsed on a rug in the Wayne Manor living room A where she continued to dissociate. Staring at the hydrangeas arranged on the mahogany table with a blank expression that was not really seeing, seemed the best way to deal with the events of the day.

Hours later, Percy was approached by a cautious Dick gently laying his hand on Percy's shoulder to try and snap her out of it.

"Percy?" He called out softly. "Percy, Jason wants to talk to you."

"No." She neapped out of it and huffed, crossing her arms and turning away from the oldest batkid. "He doesn't get to talk to me. Not after his monologue." Persephone wanted to cry and let out her emotions, she wanted to kick and scream and be mad, but she couldn't bring herself to feel anything other than 'there'.

"Okay. That's fine." He nodded, his hand still on his shoulder and he was still crouched next to the ravenette. "They ran some tests and got some pretty interesting results, in case you want to know what happened to Jason. I know how close you two are, or were. I'm sorry." Percy shook her head and Dick left her to be, making his way into the Batcave where Jason was being strapped to a chair, changing between looking utterly tired and enraged.

"What's it say, Tim?" Dick asked, standing next to Tim but looking back at Jason and his drastic mood swings.

"It looks like it's some sort of drug. The results are inconclusive, but it's similar to a bunch of easy access drugs. There's LSD, some traces of antidepressants, antipsychotics similar to those used for schizophrenia at alarming dosage. The list goes on, most have some sort of drastic mood change or auditory hallucinations. It's anything but normal." Tim dicatated, moving his hands to talk, but his eyes never lifting from the screen.

"What can we do about it, babybird?" Dicks face was clearly worried. "Jason looks like he's in pain."

"We could try to flush out the drugs, but they've been in there for a month, so chances of that are looking pretty slim. All the other options are looking worse, though. Let's get him to throw up whatever he has in him, hook him up to some O negative, and get him drinking as many fluids as possible." Tim decided.

"Okay. Let's kill this worm!"

"There's no worm, Dick. I Just explained that this is because he was drugged. There's no worm. There's no living creature involved except for Jason, but he was already dead." Tim scrunched up his face in confusion.

"No- I meant like the 'lets get this bread' meme, but with 'lets kill this worm' instead?- You know what, nevermind. I'll get the blood."

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p.s. This was written in advance for once so yay I was going to post it later but I can be a nice human sometimes. No, it wasn't an Eidolon, it was about that one guy I wrote about a while ago, i can't even remember his name. Lets kill this worm, My Love, or shall we instead ingest the rain?


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