07: Invites

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In all honesty, Percy shouldn't have been surprised. Between the unexpected (and not exactly welcomed) feline visitor and Bruce's flair for the dramatics, the invitation in her hand should not have come as a shock.

But it still did.

The cardstock was thick and luxurious, it was dark grey with a scatter of fibers slightly darker in color (the imprint on the back of the page labeled it "100% recycled paper," so Percy was willing to bet that was the cause). The lettering was a crisp white adorned with silver detailing, to contrast the traditional black and gold on white paper. Holding the invitation while in worn-out clothes felt like an insult to the lavishness of the paper, Percy mused as she placed the card gently on her coffee table.

"Wally?" She called out, leaning back into her chair. With only a hummed response, Percy called out again. "Wally, you gotta come see this!"

The screeching of a chair being pulled out rang through the small apartment as Wally stood from his desk. Cracking his back briefly, he walked towards his girlfriend, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips before setting in to sit next to her.


"Check out what Bruce sent out." She handed him the invitation, leaning away slightly to be able to witness the full moment.

Wally cleared his throat dramatically before reading the card aloud. "The pleasure of your company is requested for the wedding of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne...." 

"The lady that came by the other day, right?"

"That's Catwoman, I think. Holy shit that's Catwoman!" Wally exclaimed, standing in his surprise and letting the card fall from his hands. "Holy shit Catwoman was in our house. Holy fuck Batman is marrying Catwoman!"

Percy did not share the same astonishment at that aspect of the news, though she let Wally fester in his shock for a moment longer.

"Eh, I prefer dogs," she told him with nothing more than a shrug. "I just can't believe Bruce didn't tell us. Or maybe he did and I just wasn't listening." Percy stood, picking up the fallen card as she rose.

"It sounds like a Bruce thing to do. At least according to Dick," Wally told her with a dismissive hand motion, he continued muttering under his breath about checking for stolen items.

"Yeah, I guess. But here, look," she started, flipping the card to show the indent labeling it as recycled paper, "I thought you'd get a kick out of this!"

"Man, why do you have to keep befriending eco-terrorists," he wined. "I mean good for them, but fuck, dude, now I have to sweep through my valuables."

"What valuables, Wally? Your singular pen? Or maybe the two red shirts you constantly swap through?" Percy quipped, reaching over to grab her phone and searching through her contacts.

"Well I wouldn't know, would I? Sticky fingers, Percy! Maybe she did take my pen and hide it in her blouse or something."

"Oh, so you were looking down her blouse?" Percy remarked with no real heat, pressing her ringing phone to her face while she put up her index finger, telling Wally to wait for a second.


Half an hour and several bribes later, Percy found herself in front of the Wayne Manor with Wally's hand clutched tightly in hers.

"Why does being here make it feel like my life has just gone through a pause that only comes back to the Waynes for plot relevancy?" Percy thought out loud, not even bothering to pretend to direct it at Wally.

"That's... very specific," he laughed. "But I do get what you mean."

He tugged at Percy's hand, encouraging her to look over at him. He briefly let go of her hand to place his own on the curve of her hips, pulling her to fully face him. Instinctively she brought her hands up to his shoulders.

"It's going to be okay. Think of this as a new chapter, okay? Just because a story has been paused for a bit doesn't mean it can't pick right back up where it started." Wally was surprisingly good at reassuring people, especially Percy. She seemed to find a special sort of comfort in Wally's presence.

"You're right," she exhaled deeply. "You're right." Percy closed her eyes for just a moment and upon opening them, she sent Wally a silent request for a kiss. Letting their eyes flutter closed, Percy allowed herself to be pulled into the intimacy of the moment, letting her lips press against her boyfriend's lips, the subtlety of the movement between the two added to the harmony surrounding them. The peace was broken by the sound of the front door opening. 

Dick sure had a way with his comedic timing.


p.s. HEY GUYS IM BACK FROM THE DEAD (again). this is just a cheeky little chapter to get back into the swing of writing, and ALSO TO SEE YALL AGAIN IVE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH OMG MY FAITHFUL READERS!!

yeah anyways, tomorow is the last day of sophomore year and it feels special cuz i started writing this like before i started my freshman year and so much has changed!! I went into this with no friends save for a girlfriend. and throughout writing this ive met a shitload of peopel, broken up, gotten together with my best friend (feels like a fanfic frfr), gotten through 2 years of high school, wanted to kms a couple of times, changed my name and pronouns, and GOTTEN THROUGH TWO ROUNDS OF AP TESTING!!!

anyways yeah, my boyfriend is with me as im writing this and they're sure to comment as soon as i post but im just feeling very greatful right now. to you all and all of the reads that this has gotten and to all of the really awesome people im with who love me very much. also seb owes me kisses so i can write them better. bully her into kissing me please.


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