Chapter twenty seven

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A gunshot echoed through the air. Percy thought she could win the fight, turns out guns are harder to spot in the dark than she thought. The wound wasn't anywhere vital, though it had been aimed at the head, the bullet ended up going into her left shoulder thanks to an accidental jump.

She grasped her shoulder where a flaring pain had gone off, the hand came back covered in blood and while she was busy with the wound, the tall and slender woman who had shot her ran off under the shelter the darkness provided villains with. Percy's  scarred hands made their way to the spot on her suit where she kept her phone, for emergency purposes. She debated between dialing the number for her hero friend or for her villain mothers, ultimately deciding that Ivy and Harley were less likely to tell on her to Bruce.

"Quinn?" Percy's shaken voice spoke into the phone, making sure she'd called the correct person.

"How many times have I told you not to call me Quinn, Puddin'?" Harley replied  with a laugh.

"Too many," She said quickly, "So long story short I got shot. Not really sure what I have to do now, and I thought that you two might know." Percy had ripped off a piece of fabric that was conveniently in the dumpster beside her and created a makeshift tourniquet, her phone resting on her surrounding concrete on speaker.

"Ive... Yeah... She got shot... Mhm..." One side of the ex Psychiatrists' conversation could be heard through the phone. "Okay. Percy, honey, where are you? We're coming to get you."

"Um... Yo- you know the one Waffle House in Central that is probably a drug front? Yeah I'm in an alley three blockssssss-" she dragged out the 's' trying to determine the direction. "West from there."

"Okay. We're on our way, sugar. See you soon, bye bye." The deranged woman blew kisses into the microphone while directing her attention elsewhere and staying on the line.

Percy layed down on the cold concrete once she did all she could to stop the blood flow and curses herself for having designed the costume without sleeves. This was for two reasons; one, winter was approaching and the icy chills could be felt all around town; and two, she had more skin exposed where she could potentially get hurt. She lay there, answering Harley'd idle questions to prove her consciousness until the villains arrived to her rescue.

While all of that was happening, halfway across town a redheaded teen sat on his day off, scrolling through his feed while the television play the news at a low volume. The news retold what'd happened during the day, so the boy was only really half listening until the phrase 'Gotham Villains' popped up. He put down his phone to really listen to the news while he began tugging on his yellow hero suit.

"According to recent sources, two infamous Gothamite villains have been spotted approaching a supposed drug front. The two villains, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are known to have both studied and perfected their own scientific field until their maddened downfall. Harley Quinn, sporting her classic black and red, appears to be on the phone. Though we are not close enough to determine who may be on the other line, we have several audio clips of the villainess asking redundant questions. Poison Ivy appears to..." Wally tuned out the rest of the broadcast and her ran out of his front door to meet the out of place villains.

As he got closer, her realized that the two were not headed for the sketchy Waffle House, yet towards a location slightly further. When he did catch up to the two, he noticed a body on the ground surrounded by blood. Though stained, he could recognize the costume on the person in an instant. Maritime, or as had been revealed to him, the new 'little sister' of his best friend, Percy Jackson. Her body lay mostly motionless save for the occasional response on the phone.

"Hey Harley." She called out weakly. The older woman rushed over to the teen and started to fuss over the girl.

"Puddin' who did this to you? I'll make 'em pay,I'm tellin' you now, I'll make that bastard pay for hurtin' my sugar." Harley Quinn started, looking over to her girlfriend why spitting out curses of what she'd do to whoever came next to her baby again.

"Harles," Ivy placed a comforting hand on the younger's shoulder. "That's not important right now, what is important is that we deal with your 'baby's' bullet wound."

"What would I do without ya' Ive." She said and picked up the corpse-like girl. She was stopped by a hero rushing to stop the trio from leaving.

"Hand over the girl, she works with us." He was referring to the hero work she did, yet he got a laugh from the two who simply moved around and took the bleeding girl to a hospital. After what felt like years of waiting, the two worried villains sneaked back into the hospital they'd been escorted out of (read: forcibly removed from), to talk with the young girl who had somehow made her way into their hearts.

"Oh hey guys! Wally stopped by a little bit ago, what's up?" She said through the mask, the hospital had left it on for privacy reasons. Percy would have continued on explaining what they did had she not been distracted by a news article playing on the small T.V. hanging on the hospital walls.

"Maritime; friend or foe. Could Central's newest hope have been a scheme to bring in the Gothamites?"

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