Chapter eighteen

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"You'll go with Alfred to the dress shop to get something for tonight. You might as well also go buy everyday clothing as well as the dress, you've been wearing the same four tee shirts the whole month you've been here and the boys have been complaining of stolen hoodies." Bruce Wayne told his newest ward, Persephone. She rolled her eyes in response and mumbled something incomprehensible while grabbing the credit card that the Billionaire's outstretched hand was offering. "Thank you, Percy." He added as an afterthought.

A few minutes later, Percy sat hunched over in the spacious backseat of a limousine surrounded by her now brothers who were all laughing amongst themselves about Percy having to wear a dress. For reference, Persephone was never the very girly type, and that was something the boys had caught onto very quickly, so for the Queen of glares and beating up bullies to be seen in any traditionally feminine clothing outside of the school mandated skirt was a miracle. Still, the girl was being forced into buying a dress and clothing more appropriate than a worn out orange shirt and a purple one. After a short while that felt much like the calm before the storm to Percy, the five teens and butler made it to their first destination of what was bound to be a long day.

"Come on Percy." Dick coaxed. Her movements were sluggish and loath to get of of the -very comfortable, might I add- limo. "The sooner you get into the store, the sooner we'll be home." He tried again, this time getting a better response, much like a puppy hearing it's name.

"Dam you and your logic..." She grumbled, finally getting out and straightening her posture to that of a warrior, a battle lay ahead of her, one of fabrics and cuts. As they entered the store, Jason started to laugh uncontrollably at the sight of Percy sighing and looking up to the cold artificial lights, as if she was begging the heavens for strength and then slouching. The other boys didn't quite get why it was that funny, but they chuckled nonetheless.

A kind looking lady greeted the clan and escorted them to a room with mirrors covering three of the walls in a semicircle and chairs lining the other. The room was placed near a fitting room and once they put down their stuff (Damian and Tim almost starting a fight over one of the chairs until Percy got in the was and said she wanted it) They headed to the section of the store with Persephone's size and basically went crazy . By the time they got back to the room with a haul of dresses, Percy swore she saw all light leave the employee's eyes and the boys cackled over dress styles.

A scene reminiscent of a teen movie montage went down in that room, Percy trying on a dress in the fitting rooms, going to show the boys with an expression of pure hatred only to have the boys complain very loudly about how bad it was. Nobody let Richard have a say in the dresses. After swimming through oceans of itchy fabrics, frills, laces, poofs, and colors, Percy found a dress that got enough positive feedback and didn't make her want to gouge her brains out with a rusted spoon, that she bought it. The five payed and went outside only to be met with Alfred and his spy skills.

"We got one, Alf." Percy said with fake enthusiasm, getting happier at the unimpressed expression the butler wore at the nickname. "Can we go back to the manor now?"

"Master Bruce has asked for mr to take you shopping for every day clothing due to the lack of variety in your wardrobe. The boys have also agreed to come." Alfred stated with a stoic voice that somehow left no room for argument. She got into the vehicle reluctantly and let herself be taken to a nearby mall where she mostly bought jeans, large jackets, and teeshirts, she also grabbed a couple of tanks and shorts as well as a skirt that Dick had snuck into her cart and undergarments.

"Are you happy now?" She asked after she had placed a couple of objects into her cart, a glare adorning her face.

"Not yet. Plus, if you buy more clothing you won't have to come back anytime soon." Jason said, by now the boys had figured out how to get her to do stuff. Percy groaned and continued walking through the store isles, every now and then yanking something from the racks where they hung.

"Hey Percy..." One of the boys brought up after a short while, he seemed scared which was odd considering he was Jason Peter Todd. "I hate to be the one to say this but we forgot to get a pair of heels to go with th-" He started but was unable to finish due to a well aimed punch thrown his way by a very angry Jackson.

"Point me towards the shoes." The boys pointed almost unanimously to the shoe section, save for damian who mumbles something along the lines of 'And you say I have anger issues'. After a short while of the only girl in the household looking at shoes and pointing out how they could be used as a weapon, she emerged with a pair of nude pumps, a pair of combat boots and a single ocean themed converse. "Now we're going."

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