Chapter thirty eight

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"But-! Hear me out, okay- what if I died in a tragic surfing accident before I could make it to the base?" Percy offered optimistically as her and the bats gathered before the Zeta tube entrance. All five of them (Jason decided against going, being an anti hero and all) were standing pin their hero suits, practically pushing Percy through the tube, she was reluctant to go and surfing was her eighteenth 'tragic death' she'd come up with to avoid going.

"This isn't optional, Percy. The teams are already asking about Maritime, plus Wally is going to be there." Bruce tried, no kids was enough, why did he decide that it would be a good idea to adopt enough children to form a band? He rested his mask clad forehead against his clenched fist as he closed his eyes and exhaled, this was minute thirty six of standing by the Zeta tubs waiting for Persephone to come around.

Percy seemed to ponder his words for a moment before letting out a grumble that sounded a lot like 'fine' and stepping into the tube that then took her to the base. Seeing as she had come through alone and before any bat/bird themed vigilante, she was attacked by a blonde dressed in green. Maritime didn't put up a fight, she didn't want to be there and might as well use this as an excuse to not come back.

Kid Flash walked into the room carrying a tray of burnt cookies and upon seeing his teammate holding his crush in a choke hold decided to sit on the couch and greet them through a mouthful of cookies. "Hey Artemis, Hey Maritime."

"You know her?" Hissed Green Arrow's apprentice who had been previously been trying to get information out of the stoic girl in the couple of seconds that had passed since her arrival. The Zeta tubes opened to reveal a small clan of Gotham vigilantes who just had to shoot artemis a glare before she let go of Percy. Percy in turn walking over to the couch and quickly greeting Wally before stealing a burnt cookie from his hand.

After a barely noticeable sigh, Batman asked for the team to meet them in a conference room. Upon their arrival there, the Dark Knight began speaking. "As many of you know, a new vigilante by the name of Maritime has been frequently seen over the past year around Central City and Gotham. She is known for her sword and banter and can often be seen with either KF or on of my protegees..." He stared as he pulled up the file he had about her, he would have continued his briefing on the heroine if the girl hadn't barged into the room as he was speaking.

"That would be me." The ravenette said as she walked through the door, gaining the attention of the Justice League along with the Young Justice members. "Maritime, not the protegees, the protegees are those three over there." She pointed to her brothers and would have kept rambling if Wally hadn't grabbed her wrist and dragged her onto the empty chair beside him. "Sorry."

"Yes, that would be her. Now that she's here again, let's get on with the topic of discussion; while she will not yet be joining the YJ team, she is often associated with several of it's members, so I decided it would be best if everyone met her first." Batman continued, noticing but disregarding Aquaman and Aqualad's  shocked expressions upon Percy's entrance.

"Princess Persephone, it's such an honor to meet you!" Exclaimed Aqualad one Percy had greeted the rest of the team and the two water people were alone. "I have read all of your stories and it is such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Kaldur'ahm, but I am called Kaldur by my close friends and would like to ask for you to call me the latter, Princess."

"Thanks, bro, but please don't call me 'Princess Persephone'. I mean Percy is fine, but if there's others around then it's gotta be Maritime. Secret identities, ya'know." She said, trying to sound casual but internally feeling like she ran into that one aunt at a family reunion who thinks it's okay to throw caution out the window and just talk to you endlessly. "The other one's here too right? Odin? Orin?"

"Yes, King Orin is here. He ruled over-" Kaldur started when Percy cut him off by pressing a hand to his mouth.

"Okay, I know I seem really rude right now, and I promise I'm not usually like this, but I didn't want to come here and I came for one reason. Do you happen to know where KF is?" She asked, thankful that he had in fact stopped talking, a small headache was starting to form from having to deal with the greetings of so many people, plus the ones who knew here previously (or had known of her) trying to secretly tell her things through their eyes. Diana was trying to ask about camp, Barry was mocking her obvious crush on Wally, and Odin was trying to bow to her.

"I believe he is in the kitchens, Pri- Maritime." He told her and took a step backwards, allowing Percy some space to go get her mans. She rushed her way to the kitchen finding a redhead speedster practically inside of the refrigerator. 

"You want a pillow too?" She asked humorously.

"What does that even mean, Perce?" 

"Cause you were spending so long in the fridge that you might as well live in it? No? Okay- Just something someone used to tell me." She tried to explain as Wally got out of the refrigerator and looked at her blankly. "Close the door, your electric bill's going to skyrocket it you leave it open, dumbass."

"Is that a new nickname for me, babe?" He asked flirtatiously.

"Call me babe again and your vocal cords will be plucked out of your throat with tweezers." She bit back, trying to ignore the blush that was growing on her face.

"Sure you will, babe." 

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