06: In the Door, Out the Window

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A sliver of sun draped across the thick white comforter, the vague sent of the sea lingered tenderly in the air, mixing with citrus-like smells and the crisp, cold air of a spring morning. Running a tanned hand across Wally's red hair and placing a gentle kiss on his nose, Percy snuggled up beside her boyfriend wanting the sweet moment to last forever. She gazed up at him, studying his features carefully, the ginger lashes on his closed eyes, resting on his pale and freckled skin, sharp jawline and thin but pink-tinted lips.

Eventually, the moment faded and Wally's eyes fluttered open. He turned to his side to greet Percy, but the girl, thinking he was stirring to move away, tangled her legs with his. Wally gave a hoarse chuckle and moved to tuck a stray strand of hair behind Percy's ear. The look of feigned annoyance on Persephone's face was given away by the calm ocean in her eyes. She tugged him closer and mumbled "'m cold," into his chest.

The two stayed there, intertwined, until the sun was a little higher in the sky and the air grew a little warmer. Shuffling out of bed and taking turns in the bathroom, the two made their way to the kitchen, still dressed in their pajamas. Percy silently jumped on the counter, only getting tangled once in her too-big pajama pants, and Wally stared making their morning coffee.


An eternity of snuggling while watching movies seems like a great idea to Percy, however her plans of rotting away in her PJs with her boyfriend were interrupted by a knock on the door. Percy slunk into the bedroom while Wally stood to open the door, Percy changing quickly to look at least mildly presentable (the run in with Damian in the supermarket scarred her). Wally ran a hand through his hair as he unlocked most of the closings on the door, leaving the door chain on as he opened the door a sliver to see a pair of world-renown villainesses holding a cute potted plant.

"Mornin', honey! Is Percy here today? We haven't had a chance to drop by yet, you know, bein' on the run and everythin'," Harley started, waving her hands around after Ivy took the plant from her.

Wally sighed, closing the door to take off the door chain as he announced to Percy who was outside. He let the villain couple step inside, guiding them towards the couch where he began folding up the throw blankets they'd been using. Percy stepped out of the bedroom, wearing a loose t-shirt over a pair of looser jeans (both were Wally's).

"Momma Harls! Momma Ivy! I'm sorry it's been so long, the whole move had me pretty occupied," Percy started, wrapping the other two women in a hug, being careful to avoid the plant. Harley gave a toothy smile at seeing Percy; Ivy had a content expression on her face. "Oh! Please, sit, sit!"

With the four now sitting in the living area, Wally seemed oddly nervous as Ivy acknowledged the house's lack of vegetation. "Sorry to drop in like this," Pam started, "Harley really wanted to see you—she misses you terribly, you know—and we remembered how you'd moved a little while ago. Anyways," she waved her hand in dismissal, "we got you this plant, it doesn't have a name yet so you can decide what to name it, and you'll have a little life in your apartment."

Percy took the plant and set it down on the coffee table, looking up to meet Ivy's eyes, "No need to worry. I'm so glad to see you again. You know, I have been dying to show you the place, now that Bruce or his minions can't be here twenty-four/seven."

"Forget about that! Why don't we get to know Wally 'ere," Harley gestured vaguely at the boy, "we haven't gotten to meet you properly! I mean, apart from Percy's love-sick rambling that one time."

Wally sat, uncomfortably looking around his own home as though he'd never seen the place before. The two women shot questions at the redhead—mostly Harley while Ivy watched her girlfriend with an amused expression—and the boy answered as quickly as he could. Most of the questions were straightforward, but some left him blushing a bright firetruck red. As things were settling into the rag-tag order that they always flow in, the front door's knobs began rattling and the locks came undone.

Everyone's attention was now on the front door, their shoulders tense and their limbs falling into a position between fight and flight. A black stiletto snaked its way through the small gap that had been opened, the pants that followed the designer heels were a rich dark fabric, the pairing made the sun-kissed leg look expensive and luringly dangerous. The door swung open fully, missing the usual creak in its hinges to make way for the catlike entrance of the newcomer, a white blouse tucked into the pants, and a dainty belt cinching the waist where her hands were perched upon. She moved a hand to run through her short black hair when she noticed that the room's attention was on her.

"Man," she sighed, "I've gotten rusty if all of you are on high alert."

Harley recognized the visitor and jumped from her seat to fling her arms around the poised woman. Despite Harley's enthusiasm and the fine point of the woman's heels, she didn't stumble upon impact with the two-toned villain. "Well, 'course you are! Ya' shouldn't've stopped practicing with us, ya' sly cat!"

Ivy raised her gaze to meet the woman's eye, offering a smile and small wave at her. The large grin that Harley was sporting was bright enough to rival the sun. With an arm still draped over the (much) taller woman, Harley turned to introduce her to the crowd before being interrupted by the lady in question.

"And you must be Percy? I've heard so much about you from Bruce—all good things, of course. It's great to finally meet you, I wish we could've seen each other before the move, but oh well, we're meeting now." She licked over a red-stained lip, grin fading into a catlike smirk. She sauntered over towards Percy, Harley's arm falling from her shoulders as she crouched before the girl. The subtle French perfume became noticeable when she got closer, she extended a well-groomed hand to shake. "I'm Silena, by the way. I ought to be going now, sorry for popping in. It was nice to meet you though!"

She walked through the living room to the window on the fire escape where she disappeared into the night (it was still daytime, but saying 'disappeared into the night' does wonders for dramatic effect).

"The door was right behind her..." Wally muttered, shaking his head.

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p.s. Hello again my faithful readers! I've missed you all very much and I'm sorry this took so long. Ive had it halfway written for like a month but I just hadn't done anything with it. What's with Silena, you may be asking, I have no idea but she's elegant to I wanted to write her in (plus im gonna sneak in some BatCat in there for shits and giggles,,, maybe a wedding if im up to it). This is a mess lmao but i love this concept art of Selina I found.

AP World is kicking my ass and I've literally never studied harder for anything ever, but whatever. So yeah, um, my new school is great and im so happy to be there in person; my friends are like the coolest people who'll let me rant about fandoms and fanfics (because they're also avid fanfic readers???) and we'll hang out to study or go to bookstores like cool kids. Uh,, yeah,,, have a nice time, thank you all sm for reading. xo

Much love,Victoria

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