Chapter twenty five

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Percy rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as the memories from the night before come back to her. She felt like a douche, Wally obviously wanted something to do with her and she just ranted about the love of her life to a sweet guy, probably messing with his feelings. She picked up her phone and apologized to him repeatedly, he just dismissed it saying that it was okay.

Walking out of her room, she noticed the buff Superboy sneaking out of little Timmy's bedroom wearing only sweatpants. He stopped when he saw Percy. 

Percy started the conversation, she gave a menacing glare to the boy. "Who are you and what business you you have in Tim's room?" She crossed her arms to appear tougher, though she was only playing, she'd seen how the boy looked at her brother figure while they were in their hero attire and had decided that this boy would be good for Tim.

"Um- He got hurt and I um- I was taking care of him." The usually stone faced male had a light blush on his cheeks when being confronted about his appearance in front of the bat's room.

"Nah, its fine man. You two together?" She asked casually, a smile graced her face at the memories of the begging stages of her relationship.

"Me? Gay? No. Are you gay?" He asked panicked, apparently not too confident with his sexuality yet.

"Yes. No straight woman wears this much denim." She said pointing at her cuffed jeans and low top converse. She stuck out her hands in greeting. "Percy."

"Conner." He took her hands and his shoulders seemed to relax at the not negative reaction to his gay panic. "And yeah. Tim and I made it official a couple of days ago..." He said, his voice soft at the thoughts of his lover.

"Congrats, Conner. You two seem good for each other." She smiled at him and walked off to the training room where she was met by Damian scowling at a punching bag while expertly beating the shit out of it.

"Hay Dami." She greeted, getting a grunt in response. She walled past him into the pool area where she stripped to her black bathing suit and immediately jumped into the water. She swam laps for a while until she decided that it would have been suspicious for a mortal to swim for that long.

As she was getting out, wrapped in a pristine white towel and holding the clothing she'd been wearing previously in her hand while she started her way back to her bedroom, She accidentally bumped into a very angry Damian causing him to drop his katana. Unbeknownst to Percy, Damian was in a very bad moon (worse than usual, believe it or not) and he decided to take it out of the fragile girl before him.

"Are you stupid?! Is your head filled with kelp?! Jesus Christ, watch were the fuck you're going, you fucking seaweed brain!" He exclaimed, disgust written over his features. Jason appeared at this moment.

"Watch your language, little shit!" Jason chastised crudely, not having noticed how two of the words that Damian had muttered had affected Percy.

The dark haired girl had dropped her towel and clothes and collapsed, her limbs having gone limp and her eyes were a million miles away. Her breathing became shallow and she felt as if the world around her was swaying, much like a boat but without the comfort of the ocean near her. Shrill voices in her head scolded her for not getting there in time, the previously endearing term turned sour as lives faded. Dots began to dance in her vision, none of her breath felt like enough. Her mouth was open, much like a gaping fish, trying to get more air any way possible yet failing. Any sound outside of her head echoed and warped menacingly, everything was happening yet nothing was going on at the same time, people were getting closer to her and she tried to move back. Space. She needed room. Not enough air. Where were the colors going? The world around her turned into muted tones, the air becoming too dry. She started drawing moisture to her, everything was too much and if she could only get to water she would feel better, right?

The two brothers watched as their sister went into a state of panic, she was hyperventilating and her eyes kept focusing and confusing. The older moved close in an attempt to help her, but she backed away. He looked to Damian for some kind of help but was met with a shrug, this was the first time that Jason had ever seen the heir of Batman show any sort of remorse. Did he feel sorry for Percy?

When he shifted his gaze back to Percy, he noticed her doing a sort of grabbing motion with her hands only to be met with the water from the pool floating towards her. Percy could control water?!

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p.s. The end was sort of anticlimactic but oh well. so Percy had a panic attack and talked to Conner as a big sister, not as a hero. So Timmy Tam the Night Time man is gay for Kon El and vice versa, also, Percy cuffs her jeans and you know what that means... This chapter is sort of a train wreck but also sorta useful and I like that I made it gay because I cuff my jeans and listen to Sweater Weather. Side note, I wrote this whole chapter while on facetime with my lovely girlfriend who means the world to me. I don't deserve her and I really like talking about her so I'm telling you guys cuz she is part of the og friend group so my friends don't really wanna hear me rant about the way her eyes look like pools of melted caramel when the light hits them or about how when I hear her sing I cant help but to smile. Tah tah, I love you all. Also screw posting tomorrow, happy nighttime present (eastern time gang).

Much love, Victoria <3

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