Chapter twelve

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Percy hoped and prayed that Grey would not be the one from the prophecy. Grey was the sweetest, they didn't need to be corrupted by the gods, not yet at least. Percy tried, she really tried, to keep an eye on Grey that night, but exhaustion got the better of her. Percy's eyelids drooped as she tired to hard to keep a look out for her friend, once she felt like collapsing, she managed to shift her body onto the comfortable bed that welcomed her with open arms.

Persephone jolted awake as the sun just barely began to rise. Vivid images of Grey getting persuaded by some outside force rang clearly in her mind, she could still he how Grey's short platinum blond curls rippled in the wind as Uranus whispered persuasions into their mind. She could practically feel the change when Grey's eyes went from the usual infinite darkness to a hollow blue. Percy had to act, and she had to act fast.

She jumped out of the bed and grabbed her bag, not bothering to change out of the faded 'Batman' shirt she'd stolen from the communal laundry pile. She ran out, tossing the room card to an employee while shouting a broken "Gracias". Percy ran as fast as she could, eventually catching a taxi to the spot in the desert where the eclipse would be strongest. She tossed the cab driver much more than the amount she owed and continued to run. She saw Grey and her father setting up the equipment for witnessing and videotaping the eclipse.

"Grey!" She shouted as she approached her friend.

"Persephone Jackson. Who would have thought that you, of all people, would come to witness me return to power." Uranus spoke through Grey, their father seemed disturbed to her that voice coming from his child.

"Mister Norris, please, for your and Grey's safety please stand back." Percy asked Grey's father who complied and slowly started to walk backwards. 

"So now you're concerned for people's safe keeping?" The sky lord let out a cruel laugh. "It didn't seem that way when you battled my wife, considering all the people you've killed."

"I- I  didn't kill then, Uranus, we both know who did." Percy's fist clenched, she always felt the guilt for all the deaths that happened during the war, but she couldn't let her opponent know.

Uranus let out a despicable chuckle, "You killed them. You also killed my wife, we're going to have an issue with that..."

"Why did you choose Grey?"

"Is that it's name?" The time lord moved Grey's hands, examining them. "Well, I thought I should take one of of my son's book and make it personal for you, seeing as to the fact that you've murdered my wife and child."

"They had it coming." She growled.

"Now, now, Persephone, the eclipse is about to take place, you wouldn't want to miss the start or my reign, would you?"

"I very much so would." She lunged at the body of Grey, worried and not knowing how to go about defeating Uranus. Percy didn't know how to get rid of Uranus and not hurt Grey, the last time her friend got possessed by a primordial he ended up dead. She got Grey win a hold that would be difficult to move from but didn't hurt them. Grey quickly got out, Uranus probably giving them skills and power. Percy now stood in a basic fight stance, not getting riptide in fear of hurting Grey.

Percy lunged, more so to have done something, she knew it wouldn't do much. It was after a couple of pointless moves that Percy tried, that she began to pray. She usually never asked for help from any deities, but she could not let another friend die at her hands. Her prayers seemed to fail as Grey's eyes went completely bank.

Grey started to hover a dark mist surrounding them, at first Percy feared that Uranus might actually be coming into power because of her incompetence, but soon she noticed that Grey's eye were flickering between the usual infinite black and the shallow blue. A symbol began to form in the mist above Grey's head, a circle with two crescent moons on either side, and Percy realized that they were being claimed. 

A female figure seemed to float down from the sky. It felt unnatural to see her while the sun was out. Dark ebony hair flowed around her, almost blending into the cloak that she wore. An aura of darkness and power surrounded her.

"Uranus!" The figure commanded, "Release my child." Grey seemed to fall limp shortly after these words were spoken, and Percy rushed over to catch her. A light blue silhouette of a man stood before the woman. 

"Who are you?" He asked, seeming upset that he was forced out of his host body. "How did you do that?"

"Do you not remember me? All those eons ago." She paused and her form seemed to grow darker, almost absorbing the light surrounding her, she opened her eyes, revealing galaxies that lied within them. 

"I am Nyx. Goddess of the night. I must say, brother, you never fail to underestimate me." She lifted her right hand, it looked like she was clutching something, or someone. Nyx's hand began to close into a fist, as she did so, the silhouette of Uranus clutched at his neck until it sapped and his head fell to his side.

The silhouette seemed to implode once it's neck fell, and Nyx approached Percy and Grey. "My child, are they okay?"She remained standing, but a softness uncharacteristic of the gods entered her voice.

"I- I think so?" Percy said and posed it as more of a question. She quickly grabbed the bottle of nectar from her bag and tipped it at Grey's mouth. Color began to return to Grey's face, and their temperature began to even out. After a short while and an explanation to Grey's father, Grey opened their eyes and looked up at the goddess before her.

"Who- who are you?" They asked.

"I am Nyx, goddess of the night, and I am your mother."

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