Chapter forty five

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A loud alarm interrupted the cuddles that our two protagonists felt they so deserved. Wally was being called to a mission, and Percy, being the chaotic icon that she is, decided that she would tag along as Maritime. Rushing to the northwest corner of Central (which just so happened to be where the mission was, much to Percy's joy) the two, already suited up, met up with Aqualad who bowed despite Percy repeatedly asking him not to.

Upon their arrival at 'Poseidons Tavern' and quickly greeting (or glaring at in Percy's case) at the rest of the team members. Robin scoffed and announced that he would be entering first and checking the scene before sending a careful signal for the rest of the team to head in, Red Robing rolled his eyes but moved closer to Superboy at this. Percy was very suspicious as to why they were in the city she patrolled in front of a tavern with her father's name on it that was now being corroded with acid as employees and customers tried escaping Robin gave the signal and the remaining five entered the building cautiously. 

"Mother trucker, dude. You've got to be kidding." Percy exclaimed loudly when she saw who they were up against. The team's eyes widened as they shushed Percy and turned their backs to the villain. Percy's jaw hung limp at the irony of the situation and she tried speaking while she pointed at the threat the YJ was restraining. "I already killed her." She whined and stomped her feet angrily.

"We don't kill in the Justice League, Maritime." Artemis said pointedly, she hated the ravenette and would to anything to get rid of her.

"First of all, you guys are the Young Justice," she started, correcting the annoying blonde. "and I'm sorry would you rather get turned to stone?! If you do then please, me my guest." She said sarcastically, hating her situation.

At this point, the villain they were up against noticed a presence and as she turned, Percy uncapped Riptide and shielded her eyes, she turned and looked at the gorgon through the reflection of her blade. The mythical beast was rambling about something when she met Percy's reflection.

"Wow, you changed. I didn't know you could do that, Medusa. Were you regretting your choice of looking like an old lady." Percy sassed while she analyzed her opponent, the woman had definitely changed, green snakes for hair and golden armor, not to mention the- "WINGS! YOU GOT WINGS! A- and a SWORD!?" 

"Yessss, I am quite prrroud of my new... look, Persephone." Medusa spoke with elongated sounds and seemingly random pauses and forced intonation. Percy grew worried, for she'd barely made it out last time she encountered Medusa, but with her new upgrades, the creature would become much more of a challenge to defeat. "A new... friend... of mine suggested the wings, but the venomm was all my idea."

"There's venom too, great." Percy said sarcastically as she formulated a plan in her head. She glanced around her looking for something reflective since she needed Riptide to fight. A discarded purse caught her eye, she quickly pretended to fall while she searched the bag for something useful when she came across a compact mirror. "So, uh... Tell me about your friend." Percy kept trying to distract the snake haired woman, an attempt to buy her more time.

"Oh, I think your little friend might know her..." She said cryptically. Percy took the risk to glance around the room in search for any of her teammates in possible danger. She saw nothing urgent; they were escorting any civilians out and tending to any injured. 

"Yeah, yeah, let's cut the small talk and get to the ass-kicking." Percy rolled her eyes in a casual way to try and hide how nervous she really was. Medusa was not too pleased.

Despite her usually aggressive fighting style, Percy had to fight very defensive with the gorgon. Persephone was continuously jumping around and dodging strikes, this version of medusa was very skilled with her sword. It was very quickly becoming obvious that Percy was tiering, and Medusa was growing bored. The villain had decided to kick things up a notch when her snakes stared producing venom. A pained shriek rand throughout the tavern as the acid came in contact with Percy's skin, but she muffled the next scream as she continued to fight. Percy's long hair was tied up but still getting in the way of the battle. 

Percy came up with a plan, one that was probably both dangerous and stupid, but it was her best shot at defeating the monster. Still looking through the mirror, she slashed at one of Medusa's wings, the woman groaning in agony was momentarily distracted. While the gorgon was looking over at her golden wings, Percy took this moment to place her hands over Medusa's eyes as the demigod jumped on the immortal's shoulders. This small action was horribly self-destructive, because the one factor Percy forgot to consider was the snake hair. Yep, the snakes that Percy found out had their own will the hard way. The serpents began biting at and poisoning the young woman, her costume now ripped and corroded at with acid. 

While Medusa's eyes were still being held closed, Percy looked pointedly at her boyfriend who got the looked pointedly at her boyfriend who got the message and grabbed Riptide who lay discarded on the floor since it had fallen from Percy's hands as she went to temporarily blind the gorgon. She sent the boy a reassuring glance and he slashed the blade through Medusa's neck, the head of the monster rolling to the ground as the rest of her body disintegrated into gold dust that showered the couple as Wally went in for a kiss to celebrate their victory over the beast.

"I'm sorry, what?!" Artemis exclaimed once the couple broke apart. Shock was written over her face, Percy wondered whether it was over the kiss or the mythical monster turning into gold confetti. Either way, Artemis threw her hands up in the air and left the scene claiming to go report to Batman

"Congratulations, Princess Maritime." Aqualad said with a slight bow, Percy would have scoffed had it not been for the dangerous amounts of venom in her system along with the acid burns on her skin that cause her to all but collapse. Wally caught her before she hit the floor. 

Percy was hanging on by a thread to her consciousness, no longer having control over her limbs. She saw Tim and Superboy rush towards her, Aqualad was sending a message to Orin, probably to get help. Damian ran towards her, not wanting to keep up the act of his indifference towards his big sister. The young teen let down his guard, and regretfully nobody noticed the slender woman sneaking up behind him until she grabbed a hold of him, Percy croaking out to him as he was kidnapped by a woman who he bore a strange resemblance to. Her eyes unfocused and he head fell limp, she was welcomed into Hypnos' domain.

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