Chapter sixteen

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After an exhausting Friday filled with Percy explaining her sudden disappearance, she was freed from the academic prison called school. The ride to the manor was uneventful, save for Damian threatening to skewer Percy if she didn't stop bouncing her legs, and once they got back all five kids went to their respective rooms. Percy tried to catch up on homework, but when she caught a glimpse of Bianca she decided to throw caution to the wind and instead play with the pup.

Several hours had passed without the sea's child noticing. She was finally awoken from her trance like state by a loud crash coming from the next room; Tim's room. She decided to go check out what happened, sure, he was the Red Robin, but he was still Tim. She walked to his room and knocked gently on his door.

"Come in!" Came a shout from inside of Tim's room. Percy cautiously opened the door and almost laughed out loud at the scene in front of her. Timothy was laying on the floor, the bookshelf behind him empty with all the books that belonged on the shelf spilled over the boy's back, Tim occasionally grabbing a book from on top of him and flipping through it, seeming to have given up on moving.

"You okay there, Tim?" Percy asked, she'd brought her sweater paws to her mouth trying to hide the giggles.

"Oh, are you referring to this?" He asked, gesturing to the books on his back. Percy nodded with a stupid grin on her face. At times like this she wished she had a phone to take a picture. "Nah. You know how Superman has his Fortress of Solitude? Well I have a Fortress of Books..." He trailed off, the joke not having worked. "That was funny in my head." He defended, lightly pinching the bridge of his nose, the sleep deprivation was getting to him.

"Wow. And how did you make this-" She waved her hand encased by a large black hoodie around the area of her cousin's. "BookCave." She finished, a slightly condescending look on her face, she was still suppressing giggles.

"Why did your joke turn out good?" He complained, the sleeplessness making him moody along with the weight of his book collection on his back. "If you must know, I was walking around the room like a normal person when these books attacked me." Percy gave him the look Annabeth used to give her and the ravenette before her spilled. "Fine. I may or may not have been dragging myself to the other side of the room to get to my charger when I bumped into the shelf and then the books attacked me." He let out a soft yawn.

"Oh yeah. Books, man, they're vicious." She exaggerated her words and expressions to portray sarcasm. "When was the last time you slept, Timmy?" She asked, slightly concerned. She remembered when the Athena kids would pull multiple all nighters in a row then pass out doing mundane activities, and best not even mention Nico's sleep habits.

"One." He replied, very out of it.

"One what? Day? Hour? Week? Month?" A motherly tone filling her voice. He reminded her of Annabeth, not that Percy would ever admit it, but the thought that she would never again see her wise girl saddened her.

"Option C. Did I win?" The second to youngest child said, now having dropped the book he previously had and resting his head on his arm.

"Yes you did, kiddo! You won a free trip to dreamland!" Persephone said, faking her enthusisasm while moving towards Tim and easily picking him and the books on his back off the floor. As he was being lifted the for the most part fell off and the younger let out a 'yay' that sounded a little too much like drunk Baymax. She undid the sheets on his bed and gently placed Timothy on his bed, covering him with his sheets. Before she left, she took a moment and smiled fondly over Tim's sleeping form, he reminded her very much of the Athena kids, the overworking, the dedication, the way that the cogs in their heads only seemed to slow when they were unconscious. She decided to put his books back on his shelf, a kind act a day right? Sure the books were no longer in Tim's alphabetical-author order, but the also weren't a messy pile on the floor. She stepped out and closed his door after turning off the lights.

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After Percy fed Bianca, she decided she'd go to the gym for a short while before leaving for her second ever night on patrol. At the training center within the mansion, she came across the Batbrothers (excluding Tim who was sleeping soundly in his room) and Wally. Did this guy have nowhere else to be? She grabbed a bottle of water that was neatly stacked in a mini fridge and walked to a treadmill.

"Hey guys." She greeted before turning on the machine and starting to walk at a slow pace. The boys gave a nod towards her in greeting, continuing whatever they were doing. Percy overheard the conversation that Dick and Wally were having while they sparred, which was mildly difficult due to the grunts that Damian was letting out while swinging his katana and the guns that Jason was firing.

"Rob, I know you mentioned that she was pretty, but pretty is an understatement. Do you think she's single?" Wally asked rather loudly, Percy had to hold in a laugh.

"Dude. First of all, she's like my sister now I guess, and I wouldn't know if she's single. She gets along better with Jason, so you might want to ask him." Dick replied, shaking his head and jabbing at Wally's shoulder with the backside of one of his escrima sticks. Grayson won the fight quickly and Wally decided to go up to Jason and ask him something once the match was over.

"Hey, Jason, do you know if Percy's single?"

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