"How was I to know like a hammer to my soul, You would break me down so easily" Aftermath, Rascal Flatts

I sit up furious at Zayn. He can't just throw me in his car like that! I am basically being kidnapped although I bet Zayn doesn't see it like that. He better be taking me home because I don't feel like dealing with his crap right now.

"What the hell!?" I roar once Zayn is in the car. He speeds off, ignoring me. "Zayn!" I call again but he remains silent.


I sit back defeated and completely exhausted. I have a growing migraine and all I want to do is go home. Home as in America. Sure my life wasn't great back there, but it's better than this. Better than dealing with Zayn and his possessive demeanor. Better than working at a sexist and bossy firm. Better than dealing with all this drama with Reid.

I also miss my siblings. Brody is about to be 18 and heading off to college. While Jannette is almost four and will be starting pre-school soon. I can't wait to see them for Christmas in another two and a half months. Sadly I will have to see my mom too which I'm dreading.

I'm pulled from my thoughts when Zayn calls my name. He is holding open the back door waiting for me to get out. I didn't even realize that we stopped or that he got out of the car. I reluctantly step out of the car and immediately take a step away from Zayn. I look around and instantly recognize Zayn's apartment building. I frown and follow Zayn inside.

"Listen," Zayn says as we enter the elevator. "Don't talk to anyone besides me, don't disobey me when I ask you to do something," I can't help but scoff. Zayn not once has ever asked me to do something he just demanded it. "Don't make a scene and don't drink anything unless I give it too you."

Just as he finishes the elevator door opens and we walk onto his apartment. There is music playing and people chatting and drinking, some smoking. It's not a huge party more like a large get together. I follow Zayn into the living room where I recognize Amanda and Eleanor. They are talking to that brunette who was at the club and at dinner. I want to go over there, but I doubt Zayn would be to open with the idea. Luckily for me, Zayn doesn't control me.

I walk towards them, hearing Zayn call my name repeatedly. I brush him off and continue walking. As soon as I reach the girls Zayn pulls me by my arm to face him. He looks furious.


"What the fuck, Toots?" he growls.

"What?" I smile at him innocently.

"You are so lucky I don't have time to deal with you," he whispers and looks back at all of the girls. "Madison, here, is going to stay with you guys."

"What!?" I look at him like he is nuts. He can leave me with them. Sure I walked over here to them, but that was only to piss off Zayn.

"You heard me," he snaps. "If I see you by yourself or with someone else you're going to get it, got it?" he threatens.

"Can't I go with you Zayn, please?" I whisper hoping the girls won't hear. I barely know Eleanor, Amanda doesn't like me, and I don't know the other girl.

"No, now quit whining. You're giving me a head ache," he walk off. I sigh and face the girls. Amanda is glaring at me and Eleanor gives me a warm smile.

"Hey, I'm Hazel," the girl introduces herself with a friendly smile.

"I'm Maddi," I return her smile. I can't help but notice the large bruise on the side of her jaw.

"Are you Zayn's girlfriend?" she asks and Amanda scoffs.

"Oh um no, not exactly," I mutter the answer. "Are you dating one of them?" I ask. I find it odd how Liam told Kayla he wasn't allowed to date yet the rest seem able to.

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