"So she is sleeping on your floor?" I hear a loud raspy voice coming from outside of the room I'm in. Where the hell am I?

   "Yes," a familiar voice speaks. "The little fucker spiked her drink. I would have left her there but we can't let anyone find out. We would have gotten in deep shit if Ross found out."

   "Okay I got that part, but why the hell is she sleeping on your floor?" the other voice asks again. Who the hell are they?

   "After she threw up on my damn couch I went to put her to sleep. So I took her in the room to get something she could sleep in and when I turned around she was half asleep on my floor." Hearing him explain what happenend made memories come flooding back. I'm not ever going to a club again.


I stand up with a pounding head ache. Gosh why is so bright in here? I drag myself to the door and slowly open it. I hope Zayn isn't too mad about me ruining his couch. I feel terrible about it, but he is a dick, so oh well.

   "Oh look who it is," the stranger smirks. He has brown curly hair with these remarkable green eyes.

   "Where the hell am I?" I grumble.

   "What you don't remember last night?" Zayn smirks.

   "I remember some of it," I glare at him.

   "Oh yeah?" he walks towards me. "Do you remember when you practically begged me to touch you?" He runs his finger tips gently down my arms.

   "You're a liar," I state trying to ignore the goosebumps caused by his touch.

   "Am I? How about when you stripped me of my jeans and then opened your mouth to-"

   "Stop it!" I push him away.

He chuckles darkly stepping back towards me. He roughly grabs my wrist and slams me against a near by wall. I wince in pain at the contact. What the hell is his problem?

   "Do you think you could tell me what to do?" his eyes are dark and empty. "Huh!?" he shouts much louder.

   "I-I" I can't find anything to say, so I just shake my head.

   "Good," he steps away from me. "Harry is going to take you home."

I look back at the curly haired man who is texting boredly on his phone. He seems unphased from everything that just happened. Does he see random girls get slammed into walls often?

"Wednesday night you better be ready at seven." Zayn says. It takes a few seconds to realize that he is talking to me.

   "What? Why?"

   "Did I say you could ask questions?" he snaps.

  "Uh no but last time I checked I could ask, say, and do whatever the hell I please." I cross my arms across my chest.

   "Is that so Toots?" he calls me that stupid nickname again.

   "My name is not Toots. It's Maddi. And yes it is so."

   "I would loose the attitude if I were you," he snaps.

   "Yeah well good thing you're not me."

   "Harry take her home, she's too annoying to deal with this early." Zayn rolls his eyes.

   "Let's go." Harry orders me.

   "No" I defy his order. I don't need him to take me home. I'll just call a cab or take the subway.

   "What?" he snaps at me.

   "No. I will not go with you."

   "Get the hell out of my flat Toots" Zayn growls.

  "Not until both of you ask nicely," I state. They both look at eachother before laughing. I know I am making a fool out of myself, but I don't care.

  "Haz, wait for her in the car." Zayn tell him still laughing.

  "Don't take forever," Harry smirks before walking out. I try to look unfrighten under Zayn's hard glare, but it's hard.

   "Listen, you're new here so you don't know. But you nor anyone else is allowed to talk to me like that, or one of my friends. Got it?" he lowly, but roughly says.

   "No actually I don't," I reply. I should have just said okay and shut up, but that's not who I am.

   "Well then you should figure it out. Fast." he takes a step closer to me. The look in his eyes make me shut up and gulp loudly. "Now run a long. Harry could be very inpatient."

   I roll my eyes at him and leave his apartment. He is so controlling and rude. Like who does he think he is, my father? I don't have to listen to him and I'm sure as hell not going out with him on Wednesday.

   So on Wednesday when he comes to pick me up, he will be leaving by himself. I don't care how angry and pissed off he gets. I barely even know him so why should I care? He can't just walk into my life and try to control everything.


   I lie in my bed with a hot cup of tea watching netflix. Kayla wasn't pissed that I had left her at club, but only cause she brought a guy home. I honestly have no clue how she could have one night stands. Especially since she doesn't know anything about the person she is sleeping with. Plus how awkward would it be the next morning? I mean you slept with someone you just met and then have to find away to kick them out. It's just not my cup of tea.

   "Hey babe," Kayla walks in my room and lies down next to me.

  "Where have you been?" I ask her. "And why are you all smiley and blushing?"

   "No where and I'm not!" she hides her face blushing harder.

   "C'mon Kay, you know you could trust me."

   "You're going to think I'm crazy," she insist.

   "No I won't, I promise."

   "Fine you remember the guys that creepy bartender was telling us about?" She asks and I nod. "Well the guy that came home with me was one of them. Liam."

   I gape at this information. I can't really judge her since I did go to Zayn's house, but it wasn't like I had a choice. I was drunk or high or something like that and could barely walk straight. Which I am still confused on how, I didn't drink any liquor.

   "I knew you would think I was crazy," she states.

   "No I don't, it was just a one night stand. No biggie," I truthfully say, but the look on her face says different. "Kayla? What are you not telling me?"

   "Look I really like him. I know that the bartender warned us about how he is in this dark and dangerous gang, but he is really sweet," she doesn't answer my question.


   "He made me breakfast this morning. Like a full on breakfast, with eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice. Then he asked me out."

   "And what did you say?" I ask.

   "Well of course I said yes!" She smiles as if she is remembering it all over.

   "Kayla I love you, but I don't think that's a good idea," I say remembering when they were in the alley last night.

   "I'm not going to deal with you Maddi. It is my choice in who I date," she stands up angry. I guess she is right, it's none of my business.

   "No wait, I am sorry. It's none of my business who you date. Just be careful, okay?" I say.

   "I will I promise," she smiles a little.

   "Love you," I say when she gets to my bedroom door.

   "Love you too hun." And with that she walks out. I really hope Liam treats her right.

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