I know I never finished answering the questions I was asked. So I was think, since quite a few writers on here was doing it, that you guys could ask questions to the characters and I will answer them in their POV. I will also answer the questions I was asked then too. And you could still ask me some but I'm not that interesting.

So ask, lol.

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Zayn's POV

I storm into the house where our meetings are held. I angrily walk through, some of my members take a step back when they see me. I walk faster when I see my main meeting room and barge in through the door. Everyone in the room goes silent as I glare at them all.

"You two, leave. Now," I point at Jace and Rick. They both quickly leave and I'm left with just Harry, Liam, and Niall.

"What's wrong?" Niall asks.

"Who all knows about the plan?" I ignore his question with my own.

"Why?" Harry says, looking a little worried.

"Tell me!" I shout, my anger at whole new level.

"Us three, Jace, Rick, Mike, Jones, and Janet, just our top guys," Niall answers.

"I only told Louis," I state, more to myself than anyone else.

"What's going on?" Liam asks.

"Ross, his people, all of them know," I answer.

"How?" Harry asks.

"We have a damn leak!" I shout.

"It could be the police force," Liam suggest.

"Joe isn't that f ucking stupid. He is just as desperate for this as I am."

"Are you sure?" Liam asks.

"What?" I snap at him.

"Joe told us about you changing the deal," Niall speaks. "Madison is no longer to be touched. He could have got mad at you and spilled the beans."

"Again, Joe isn't that stupid," I seethe. "It's from here. And if it's one of you then you better hope to god I don't find out, cause I swear I will rip your fu-"

"Whoa Zayn," Harry cuts me off. "Calm down, we would never do that to you. We have just as much to lose as you do."

I take a deep breath and close my eyes for a few seconds. Harry is right, I know they would never betray me like that. We are like brothers, plus what he pointed out. They have just as much to lose and they wouldn't risk it.

"Talk to all the people who know. Don't make it obvious that we know we have a leak. Tell them that we have a change of plans."

"What kind of change?" Liam asks and a smirk begins tugging on my lips.


I get back to my apartment around midnight. I had a lot to discuss with the boys and just didn't want to see Madison. It might seem horrible, but she could be very annoying and I''ve been in a bad mood all night since she told me about the note.

I don't even know what to do. I should tell Madison about using her then apologize and let her leave. But I'm not going to and I don't even care about the guilt anymore. I just want and need out. I don't want enemies anymore or the cops trying to bust me, not like they could. And having respect from everyone is amazing but I don't have that. Everyone just fears me too much to tell me how much of a dick I am.

I am over all this. I want to build and grow my businesses. I want to be known for being young and successful. Madison is my ticket there. She is what will change my life and I'm selfish enough to let it ruin hers. Even though the original plan isn't happening, she is going to hate me. Especially when she finds out I was using her the while time.

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