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   I stare wide eye at the people who just entered with Ross. My mind must be playing tricks on me. I didn't think anyone was actually that stupid to cross Zayn. Louis and Jones both stand there and just stare at me. I feel sick to my stomach when I look at Louis. He was my boss and someone trusted and I know he was someone Zayn trusted. I thought they were best friends, yet here is Louis betraying Zayn.

    "We will have an auction early in the morning," Ross says, looking Louis directly in the eye.

   "Great," Louis nods. "And what do you have planned for this one over here?"

    Ross smirks and looks at me from the side of his eye before looking back at Louis. "Let just says you definitely won't want to miss this auction."

   "Great," Louis says. "Can't wait."

   "I'll let you two have a minute alone with my guest," Ross says sarcastically. "I have a few other issues to attend."

   "Thank you," Louis tells him and Ross leaves the room. I'm left in a room with just Louis, Jones, and Reid making my nerves sky rocket.

   "You son of a bitch," I snap at Louis with all the courage I have. I know I wasn't going to speak but I wasn't really expecting to see Louis here either.

    "What was that?" Louis says calmly which is a huge contrast to the look of anger on his face.

    "You heard me. You're a fucking coward. Can't confront Zayn for whatever pathetic reason you're mad at him to his face so instead you go behind his back!"

    "You don't know shit!" The back of his hand connects with my cheek. "Just because Zayn was fucking you doesn't mean you know everything about him." Louis bends over me, grabbing a fist full of my hair and pulling my head back.  "You're so pathetic, I actually feel sorry for you. Zayn doesn't love you. He can't love anybody, it's just not in his blood. He may have you fooled and even himself but it's not true."

    "He was your best friend," I say. "How could you do this to him?"

   "I'm doing him a favor. You were ruining him."

    "Bullshit," I snap and this time actually spit in Louis face. He releases my hair and stands up before wiping my spit off his face.
     "You're a real bitch you know that?"
    His fist comes slamming down on my face making me and the pathetic excuse of a chair I'm tied to fall to the floor. I groan out in pain. Louis slowly walks towards me and unexpectedly kicks me in the stomach. I scream out in pain and beg him to stop as he continues to kick me. I cant breathe and begin to cough up blood as his kicking doesn't stop. After a few more second of him assaulting me he finally stops.

    "I honestly have to give Zayn props. I don't know how he put up with your annoying ass for so long."

    Louis and Jones both walk out as I'm crying in pain on the floor. My makeup and new clothes are now ruined and I can't move without my stomach being is excruciating pain. I've been beaten before but that was a whole new level of pain.

    "I warned you," I see Reid boots in front of me.

    He reaches down and helps me back up in the chair. I cough again and more blood spews out of my mouth. The pain in my abdomen doesn't seem to get better and I'm extremely lightheaded. Reid walks behind me and unties the ropes keeping me to the chair.

   "You can lie on the bed," he says and looks at me expectantly. He is waiting for me to get up but the pain makes it impossible.

   "What if I run?" My voice is hoarse and it's obvious I'm out of breath.

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