Chapter 47: Girlfriends and Boyfriends

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"Zayn, I'm not in first class," I frown as he hands the lady his ticket.

"I know," he says. "It was the only seat available."

He walks into the entryway and I hand the lady my ticket. She smiles at me politely before ripping off the part I keep. I then walk up to Zayn where he was waiting for me. I don't say anything and just continue to walk. I find it pointless that he is going with me if he is riding first class and I'm not.

"She's not feeling well," Zayn grabs my hand as he tells flight attendant after we both showed her are seating numbers. "First trimester," Zayn smiles as he lies and I glare at him. "We couldn't book seats togethers, but I was wondering if it would be possible if I helped her get seated?"

"That is fine," she points to the direction where the business class is.

"Why aren't you just going straight to your seat?" I question.

"You'll see," Zayn leads me to my seat, which is luckily on the side and not the middle. The seat next to mine is already filled with a middle aged man. "Excuse me," Zayn says to him. "I was wondering if we could switch seats," he hands the guys his ticket. "Do you mind?"

The man exams the seat number before nodding, "Thanks man."

When the guy is gone I look at Zayn in disbelief.

"What?" he shrugs and sits down. I look down to hide the smile on my face. I haven't felt like this in all my life and I don't know whether to be scared or excited.


I wait for my brother to pick Zayn and me up. Our flight just landed and Zayn is the bathroom while I'm keeping an eye on our bags. Most of the flight I slept, trying to avoid the nerves. I could literally throw up at any minute and to be honest I think it might really help.

My throat already hurts and I know throwing up will make it worse. Plus, I haven't done it in so long which I'm proud about. Sure I cry a lot more now, but now I don't have to worry about stupid side effects.

I bite my lip as the feeling to throw up becomes worse. Coming here was a bad idea, a terrible one. Maybe if Zayn hurries we could leave before my brother gets here. Then I could get a ticket with Zayn and go be back in London with in two days.

"Toots," Zayn calls, walking towards me with a worried expression on his face.

"Zayn, we need to go," I tell him and he furrows his eyebrows in confusion.

"I dont-"

"Madison," I hear from behind me.
My eyes widen and I freeze as I stare at Zayn. He stares back and gives me an encouraging smile but it doesn't help. Slowly a turn towards my family, who surprisingly is all here. But what really shocks me is seeing Ryan there too.

I feel my breath get caught in my throat. All my nerves are back and I try to smile and act normal but it is hard, really hard. Then I feel Zayn walk up beside me and take my hand. He rubs his thumb against my skin to soothe me. Which actually really helps.

"You must be Zayn," my mom eyes Zayn up and down, judging him.

"Yeah, I am," Zayn's voice is cold, even sending chills down my spine. Zayn is rude and I'm used to it, but I hope he can tone it down a little until his flight.

"Well," I hear and my eyes snap to Ryan. "I think we should get going."

My mom nods and she takes my dad's hand, who has been staring at me the entire time. Ryan takes Jannetts hand while she is sucking her thumb on her left hand. She keeps her head turned towards me as Ryan pulls her away for a few seconds before turning around.

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