.Chapter 45: Drunk Talk

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I take a small sip from my beer. Zayn dragged me to this party that Niall is throwing. I feel so out of place here. It's not a huge, raging party. There are maybe thirty people here and they all seem to know eachother.

Zayn went off to god knows where so now I am stuck all by myself. Becca is here but she is talking to some girl with Hazel, and since I don't want to intterupt I am stuck by myself. It honestly isn't that bad, I'm just bored.

I lean against a desk and take a sip of my beer again. I'm not big on drinking so this beer is not very appealing to me at the moment. I feel someone push into me causing me to drop the beer. The glass shatters and the beer flows out onto the wooden floor.

"Are you serious? We just got the fuckin floor done," I red head comes walking towards me, a scrowl on her face.

"I'm sorry," I quickly say. "I didn't mean to."

"Niall!" she screeches, ignoring me completely.

Niall walks over to us, pushing through the people who has gathered around us. He looks irritated and when he sees the mess and that I am standing over it he rolls his eyes. I shyly look down, waiting for something bad to happen. Something bad always happens in these situations for me.

"What the hell, Maddi?" Niall raises his eyebrows.

"Someone bumped into me," I defend.

"Who?" he questions.

"Hi-" I begin but stop when I point to the empty space beside me.

"Clean it up," Niall demands before walking off. The red head glares at me before walking off too.
I roll my eyes and walk to the kitchen. Surprisingly, there isn't anyone in here. I walk over to the sink and bend down to open the cupboards under it. I grab some kind of cleaning spray and rag. I reconize a small yellow sticky note and breathe in deeply.

You just make a mess everywhere you go, don't you?


I stand up and quickly turn around. My chest bumps into someone and I gasp, looking up.

"Hey there," the guy breathes. I don't remember his name but he is the guy from the mall.

"Excuse me," I smile politely and go to push past him but he grabs my wrist.

I look at him, scared that he might hurt me. "Need help?" he asks and lets go of me.

"No, but thanks," I tell him after I sigh in relief. He nods and steps out of the way. I walk back to the living room and begin cleaning up my mess.

That is such a weird coincident that that guy, the same guy, I ran into at the mall, knows Niall and is at his party. And an even weirder note. Who wrote it and how didn't I see them? While the note really does freak me out, what it said seems to worsen it by ten times.

Once I step into the living area I push those thoughts and feelings to the back of my head. I've gotten extremely emotional lately, and I absolutely hate it. I'm just going to fake it till I make it. And if by ignoring all the emotions and memories, this time in a healthier way, helps then that is what I am going to do.

I grab the spray and spray the beer and then proceed to wipe it up with an old rag. I spray the spot again and wipe it with a different rag until it is all clean. I wipe the spot a few more times just to be extra sure. I feel terrible that I spilled beer on their freshly redone floors. To my defense though, who the hell throws a party just after they re-did their floors?

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