Chapter 49: Thanksgiving Pt. 1

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I stand at the counter, chopping onions. My mom thought it'd be nice if Mia and I helped cook Thanksgiving dinner. The both of them are laughing and having a blast as if they are mother and daughter and I am just the help. It honestly doesn't bother me that much, I know my mom's and mine realationship is crap. It's just Mia annoys me beyond know end.

Yesterday when she told how everyone was so happy when I was gone then when I came everyone seemed so sour. She made it seem like she was confused as to why since I'm such a 'lovely person'. I wanted to shove something down her throat so she would shut up and stop being fake. I know she doesn't like me. I know Ryan told her everything, I'm not stupid.

And on top of that Zayn has been acting cold again lately. It could be because his flight got snowed in and he is stuck here for another five days or it's because I went off on him. Whatever it is makes me want to just scream at him. I should be the one mad, especially since he lied and ignored me. I've been trying to forget about it until we get back to London. Don't think a huge fight in front of my family will help anything.

"Darling, that smells delicious," my father walks in, kissing my mom on the forehead.

"Thank you," she smiles. "Mia honestly has been doing most of it."

"Well great job Mia," my dad smiles at her.

I ignore them all and continue to cut up vegtables. I'm not annoyed or angry that Mia is getting complimented by my dad cause honestly she has been cooking most of it. It's just makes me angry that my dad is complimenting her at all. Not even when I graduated high school, got excepted into a huge university, or when I got my internship did my dad, or mom for that matter say good job or that they were proud. Given everyone practically hated me at the moment, but even before everything happened they never uttered one word of encouragement or graditude.

Not only that but I haven't heard the words 'I love you' aimed towards for so long that after a while I started hating myself for being so terrible that no one could love me. And that all started when I was sixteen. I've now realized that not everyone is made to be loved and to have an hapily ever after with the love of their lives and have a happy family they visit on holidays with their kids. It's something I've always wanted, but I'd have to be stupid to still hope for all of that. I do know though is that I am going to have a kid, I don't care if I'm in a relationship or single. I have all the love in the world saved up that it should be enough for him or her.

"Madison," my dad shouts, almost screams. I jump making myself slice my fingers. I drop the knife and look down at my hand. It has a long cut across my pointer and middle finger. The cut doesn't look deep but there is a lot of blood.

"Yes sir?" I shakenly say out, not facing any of them. I don't want them to see my hand.

"I've called your name multiple times and now you don't even have the audacity to look at me while speaking to you!" he barks and I hear his footsteps before he harshly grabs my shoulder and forces me to face him.

"I'm sorry," I whisper looking down at the floor. A small drop of blood drips on it and I internally groan.

"Clean up your mess," my dad says looking at my hand and the drops of blood.

"Wait what did you want?" I ask him.

"I was going to see if you wanted to go to with Jannette and I to the store but forget it." he shakes his head and walks away.

I mutter a lame 'okay' and look up at both Mia and my mom. My mom hands me a rag to clean up my blood on the floor while Mia looks a bit surprised. I grab some paper towels to wrap my fingers in before bending down and cleaning up the few drops of blood that fell.

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