Chapter 12: Rebecca

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   Zayn and Liam walk past me into the apartment. I close the door behind them before turning towards them ready to ask questions. Zayn gives Liam a look and Liam walks off down the hall most likely to Kayla's room.

   "What happened to your face, Zayn?" is the first thing I ask him.

   "That's not important," he dismisses my question. "I need to know if you talked to anyone about me and you?"

   "Why would you care?" I ask, a little nervous and irritated. I talked to Ried but that's not his business.

   "Drop the attitude Toots," he glares at me.

   "Excuse you?" I say, "You come into my apartment and have the audacity to tell me to watch my attitude!" my voice slowly rises. "Well guess what Zayn! That's not how it's going to work. If you want to ask me a question the polite and normal way, then you are more than welcome. But if you still want to act like a sexist, possesive dick, then there is the door!" I blow up. He stares at me blankly before chuckling darkly.

  "Madison, poor little Madison," he steps towards me making two step away from him. "You're so heedless and stupid."

   "Zayn," I warn.

   "What Madison? Don't you see! You need me! You might not want it to be true but it is! And I'm not going to help you and let you disrespect me! So if you want to keep that pretty little face of yours free of harm then I sugget you cooperate!" He screams at me. His face hold no emotion other than annoyance and anger. I should just shut up and agree with him, but what would that make me? Zayn's bitch, is what.

   "You know what Zayn. You're right I do need you. But I don't care, if you are going to treat me like a fucking dog then you can go screw yourself! Leave me alone!" Next thing I know I'm pushed up against the wall, harshly.

   "Fine," he whispers. "I will leave and you'll never see or hear from me again, expect when it comes to work of course. But first you're coming with me, if you still want me to leave you alone afterwards I will."

   "Fine," I nod agreeing with him. I'll do anything to not have to talk or see Zayn again.

   "Go change so we could leave."

Kayla's POV.

   I lie down on my bed trying not to cry. I have missed Liam like crazy and seeing him at my front door makes it worse. I don't understand why he had to go and ruin it. We were having so much fun and enjoyed eachothers company. At least I thought we were and did. A knock at my bedroom door pulls me from my thoughts. Assuming it is just Maddi, telling me the boys left, I call for her to come in.

   "Hey," Liam sheepishly steps in my room.

   "What do you want?" I ask, my voice low. I pull my dark hair up in a bun. 

   "To talk," he mumbles and shuts the door.

   "Yeah, well I don't want to," I roll on my stomach away from him. I feel my bed dip, indicating he is sitting beside me.

   "Please, Kayla," he begs, "I'm sorry."

   "Liam just go," I sigh.

   "No, let me explain. Please!"

   "Fine, you have five minutes," I sit up and look at him.

   "Alright," he smiles but it fades away after he sees my blank expression. "Look I know I said we couldn't date, and I still believe that." Great. Did he come here just to make me cry?

   "Liam, not the whole 'we can't date because of my job' speech again." I groan.

   "Just shut up and let me talk," he snaps and I keep my mouth shut. Liam is usually loving and kind but he is known to snap at me a few times. Nothing big or serious.  "I want to be with you. I have missed you like crazy." he admits.

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