Chapter 28: I know

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Zayn and I walk hand in hand into the party. Everyone stares at Zayn, like he is some celebrity. It's just me and him because apparently Harry, Niall, and Andrew had somewhere else to be. Lia was lying when she said this would be a 'small' get together and while it's not a huge party it's still not small. There must be at least thirty other people here.

"So, where is this friend of yours?" Zayn asks, his mouth extremely close to me ear.

"Uh," I look around and smile when I see her. "There!" I point towards her.

Zayn looks her body up and down and I can't help but feel self-conscious. "Lets go tell her your here?" he lets go of my hand and I follow him, as he leads the way to Lia.

"Hey!" she practically screams when she sees us. She is wearing a black fitted crop top with a matching mini skirt. I, on the other hand am wearing jeans and a plain light blue shirt.

"Hey," I smile and when I glance at Zayn she notices him. She smirks at him before biting her lips. "So," I mumble awkwardly.

"There are drinks in the kitchen," she looks back at me "Help yourself."

"I think I will," I smile lightly before turning on my heel to walk away. Only after two steps a hand grabs my elbow, stopping me in my tracks.

"I don't think you should drink," Zayn says from behind me.

"I don't care what you think," I snap at him.

"What's wrong?" he asks and turns me to face him.

"Nothing!" I snap, before sighing. "Sorry, nothing." I mumble.

"You look tired," he comments.

"Thanks," I mumble and walk away from him.

"That's not what I meant," he follows me.

"I don't even care," I sigh.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about," he stops me again. I roll my eyes and face him again. He is annoying me beyond no end.

"What? What could you possibly be talking about? Hmm?" I question, irritated.

"You've lost weight," he pokes my stomach. "You've have dark bags under your eyes," he touches just below my eyes. "And that pretty little smile of yours, faded."

"Okay?" I say. "How are any of these little things important?"

"You told me your emotions were all over the place," he states, ignoring my question. "What's wrong, Toots?"

"I don't want to talk about this," I tell him and finally walk into the kitchen.

"Fine, then," he drops the subject.

Nothing is wrong with me. I'm perfectly fine. I feel exhausted a lot more and I watch what I eat now, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong. I will just have to show him everything is fine. I can't be so sluggish anymore or blue.

"Everyone out!" a loud voice booms from the other room. I look at Zayn who looks completely calm. A few seconds late a gun shot is heard along with a few screams.

"What's going on?" I ask when I realize it's only Zayn and I in the kitchen.

"This is a lot earlier than expected," Zayn mumbles to himself.

"Zayn what's going on?" I repeat, feeling more anxious by the second.

"We have to get out of here," he says and looks around the kitchen. "Of course, no windows."

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