Chapter 23: Elevator

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Unedited as usual.

Zayn's POV (N/A: Yay or Nay??)

Maddi and I ride down to the first level in my flat building in the elevator. She keeps fiddling with her fingers and I smirk knowing it's because of me. I make her anxious and nervous, just like everyone else. The only difference is she has enough balls to push my buttons. If it wasn't for her being her, she'd most likely be dead by now.

The lift's doors open and we both step out. She won't look me in the eyes and hasn't said anything since I told her to shut up because I have a head ache. At least she is finally listening to me. She has caused so much trouble for me this past month and a half. I am surprised that I am still agreeing to this. I guess my hate for Ross and his gang is much higher than me caring about be annoyed all the time. That's a lie actually, I wasn't annoyed when I was fucking her brains out.

"Zayn," I hear my name and snap my head up. Bloody hell, couldn't he wait till later?

"Ah, Joe," I smirk, knowing he hates when I call him that.

"You mean, Detective Morgan," he glares at me and I just shrug.

"Detective?" Maddi says, shocked.

"Go wait in the car," I hand her my keys and she nods.

"Is that Madison?" Joe asks and I look at him on disbelief.

"This is your fucking case, yet you don't know who she is?" I scoff.

"It's not my job to know her, it's yours," he spits at me.

"You're lucky I'm actually helping you pigs," I tell him.

"What new information have you got?" he ignores my comment.

"Not much, Reid made a move on Madison though. He really scared the shit out of her. Ross must be getting inpatient."

"Is she hurt?" he asks and I roll my eyes. God, I'm spending too much time with Maddi.

"What the hell does it matter? He didn't take her," I say, annoyed.

"She is his prime target, so it does matter. And you need to keep a better eye out for her. If you screw this up and he gets her, you'll be the one paying the price."

"Yeah, I know. Get the fuck out of my face," I push him back. "Now if you don't mind I have to accompany the girl who is about to ask a million annoying questions because you couldn't have just waited till later."

I angrily walk away from him. He is acting like he's the one doing me a favor. He is fucking lucky I agreed to work with the police on this. I should have just told them to shove off. It would have saved me a ton of trouble. I get into the car slamming the door. The keys I gave Madison are already on the ignition. I turn on the car and blast the radio. I don't even care what's playing as long as it keeps me from listening to and answering her questions.

"Zayn?" I hear Maddi call just when I thought she wouldn't ask anything. I just pretend I couldn't hear and continue driving. Of course it doesn't work and she calls my name louder.

"What?" I spit at her, annoyed.

"What did you do to Reid?" she asks. Her voice is small as if she is scared of the answer.

"Don't worry about that," I tell her, growing angry.

"Too bad, I want to know," she says and I look at her letting her know I'm pissed. She doesn't back down or show any sign that she is intimidated.

"Can't you just fucking drop it?" I shout.

"You're such asshole, you're unbelievable," she scoffs at me.

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