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Chapter 57: Police & Pain

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I feel like Walk Away by The Script is such a good song to describe Zaddi and really this whole story.

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Unedited(Obvi, I should probably work on that)

I try to control my anger as I watch police officers come and go through my apartment door. I have yet to speak to Joe but he'll be lucky to not have a black eye or two once I'm finished talking to him. I am just so angry and pissed it's unbelievable.

"Zayn, mate," someone calls and turn around to be face to face with Harry.

"Don't," I warn him. I don't have any patience right now.

"I just wanted to tell you that we think we know who the leak is." As soon as those words leave his mouth my eyes meet his, with fire burning bright in mine.

"Who?" I demand to know but just as soon as he is about to tell me I spot Joe walking through the door and I get distracted. "Tell me later." I snap at Harry and storm towards Joe.

"Zayn," he says when he sees me. "Look, you need to-" he is cut off when my fist connects to his lower cheek. Joe stumbles back and as I take a step towards him so I can hit him again I'm pulled back.

"You need him Zayn," Harry yells as I struggle to break from his grip. "He will help find her." He reminds me and I stop struggling once I'm knocked back into reality. This is about Madison, not Joe, me, or anyone else.

"God," Joe stands up straight and glares at me.

"What happened to your twenty four watch?" I spit at him.

"He was on his way from her work here, he got caught behind a car crash. It's not his fault Zayn."

"No it fucking ours!" I scream and Harry finally lets me go once he is sure I won't attack him.

"I have my guys already tracking them down. We will find her in no time."

"You better hope we get her back in time cause if not you'll be better off dead when I'm finished with you," I threaten him.

"Look, threatening me won't help any," he sighs. "My main guy should be here soon. He was Madison's main guard plus he has been following around Ross' guys."

"You think he might know where she is?" I ask.

"I'm hoping he has an idea where, yes." He tells me and I sigh

I just want Madison back already.


I'm freezing. I finally have feeling back in my body but I wish I didn't. My head is aching and wherever I am it's freezing cold. I am all alone now, but it's dark besides the moonlight that's shining through the windows. They're by the ceiling that's at least twelve feet tall. I'm in some kind of old warehouse and that's all I really know.

I'm honestly so scared. I don't know what is going to happen to me and I've been here for at least a few hours. I don't know the exact time though. I just want to be in my warm bed surrounded by pillows and blankets while cuddling up to Zayn as he tell me about his day or how someone pissed him off. I'll joke that everyone pisses him off and he'll say "everyone but you" which would make my heart flutter. Then I'd tell him how much I love him and maybe he'd reply with words or with a kiss then we'd fall asleep in each other's arms. And yes it is really cheesy and no matter how many times we've done it before it'd still make me happy and smile while falling alseep. And thats all I long for as I'm tied up in the hard, uncomfortable chair in this scary and cold building.

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