Chapter 36: Nicki and Ariana

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I wake up with a head ache and try to go back to sleep. I move around to try and find a comfortable position to fall back asleep. I end up hitting Zayn, who is on his back lightly snoring, in the face with my arm. He jumps in his sleep and makes this weird inhumane noise.

I giggle to myself before retracting my arm. I settle for lying on my side, facing Zayn. This position is actually really comfortable at the moment. That is until an arm gently lands on my the side of my face.

"Ugh," I groan, not even bothering to push Zayn's arm away.

"Not so nice is it?" he says and I slowly open my eyes. He is lying on his side and facing me too with a smirk tugging at his lips.

"Sorry," I tell him and he retracts his arm.

"It's okay," he says.

"What's today again?" I ask, groaning.

Zayn chuckles and rolls his eyes at me.

"You know it's not that early," he shakes his head a bit, amusement dancing around in his eyes. "But it's Saturday."

"Thank god," I mumble. "I could sleep in." I close my eyes and let out a puff of air.

"You have really bad morning breath, you know?" I hear Zayn laugh. I open one eye and glare at him the best I could. "I'm kidding," he smiles.

"Shhh," I hush him. "Go back to bed."

"But I'm not tired." he says.

"Then be quiet while I to back to sleep," I tell him and he doesn't respond.

I finally start to fall back asleep and couldn't be any more happy. That is until Zayn decides to ruin it.

"I'm bored."

"Zayn," I groan.

"I was thinking we could go out today," he continues talking.

"If you don't shut up I'll-" I cut myself off. I don't really know what I'd do and I don't think Zayn finds me really threatening.

"Huh?" Zayn laughs. "What was that?"

"Zayn, please," I beg, just wanting to sleep.

"Fine," he says and kisses my cheek. If it wasn't for his slightly chapped lips then I would have missed it. "I'll let you sleep for another hour. But afterwards we are going out."

I smile when he is out of bed. I really really like Zayn.


Zayn turns the radio in his car on just as a song is ending. When the next songs begins playing I smile widely and turn my body slightly towards him. I bite my bottom lip in excitement.

"You totally got to sing this with me," I tell him.

"What? No way," he laughs.

"Please Zayn?" I pout.

"Fine," he rolls his eyes and smiles.

"You do the chorus," I quickly say just as the first verse comes on. "I'll be back at eleven, you just act like a peasant. Got a bow panties 'cause my is a present," I lightly laugh at myself as I rap along to Nicki Minaj.

"Yeah, it's gooder than Meagan, you look good when you're beggin," I continue. "I be laughing when you begging me to just to put the head in!" I practically shout and Zayn throws his head back in laughter.

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