Chapter 39: This is Halloween

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Zayn's POV

Maddi lies in bed with the blanket right up to her chin. Ever since we came back from the hospital it's like her whole demeanor changed. She isn't trying to hide the fact that she is depressed anymore. And now that she knows she can't not eat or throw up anymore to make herself feel better just makes her mood worse.

I hate seeing her like this, especially since she is usually so witty and happy. I know it was all just a mask, but it still sucks. I hope she starts to feel better soon, her mood is bringing me down too.

"Maddi," I crouch down by the side of her bed.

"Hmm?" she hums.

"Are you feeling okay?" I ask, moving her blonde hair that fell in front of her eyes away.

"Yeah," she nods though I know it's a lie. "I'm just still really tired from the dehydration. Tomorrow I should be fine."

"You're only tired?" I question.

"Yeah," she avoids eye contact.

I guess I'm wrong, she is still hiding her pain.

"Halloween is tomorrow," I state.

"I know," she dryly replies.

"People are coming over."

"What time?" she asks.

"Around nine," I answer.

"Alright," is all she says and I sigh.

"I'm going out, do you need anything?" I rub my thumb up and down on her cheek. She closes her eyes and leans into my touch.

"No thank you," she breathes out.

I don't reply and silently kiss her forehead before getting up. I send a quick text to Joe, telling him to meet me before grabbing my keys and leather jacket. I check on Madison one more time before finally leaving.

When I get to my office I sit down and began going through some paper work. After I get everything is solved here I am going to expand my business to America. I need a new start, a fresh surrounding.

My desk phone begins ringing so I pick it up.


"Sir, Detective Morgan is here," my assistant, Aria, says.

"Send him in," I order before hanging up the phone. Seconds later there is a knock on my door. "Come in!"

"Zayn," he greets me.

"Joe," I greet him back and he sighs. I really like annoying him.

"So, mind telling me what this is about?" he sits down opposite of me on the other side of my desk.

"Madison is no longer part of the plan," I cut straight to the point.

"What do you mean?" he asks, sitting up straighter.

"She can no longer be the bait."
"You can't pull out on us now!" he raises his voice. "Everything is just getting started! He even broke into her apartment."

"I don't care," I coolly tell him. "She isn't mentally in the right place. If I did this to her she would never be the same."

"You have got to be kidding me, Malik!" he stands up from the chair and paces back and forth.

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