Zayn drives me to my house in an awkward silence. I really wish he would turn the radio on or something. I rest my head against the cool window and let my eyes close. It feels amazing to finally be able to rest.

"Don't fall asleep," Zayn tells me.

"I won't," I mumble sleepily. "I'm just resting my eye lids, blinking is exhausting."

"You're so weird," he mumbles under his breath.

I am woken up when my foot hits something hard. I groan in pain and slightly open my eyes. I am in someone's arms, but can't see from how dark it. I begin freaking out and moving around. Every worse scenario I could think of is running through my head.

"Stop, or I'll drop you," I hear Zayn's stern voice and immediately relax.

I decide I'm too tired to care that Zayn is carrying and nestle my head into his chest. I close my eyes and enjoy the warmth I'm receiving from him. Who would have thought it would be comfortable being in Zayn Malik's arms? The same arms that have caused me so much pain. I sure the hell didn't.

He lies me down and I hear him switch the light on. I open my eyes and frown when I look at my surroundings. Zayn's red and black duvet lies underneath me and I look up at him. He is standing above me with the smirk I've grown to hate, playing at his lips.

"Why am I in your bed?" I ask him.

"You seemed to enjoy being in my bed last time, given we were both naked," he says.

"Good thing that will never happen again, huh?" I glare at him and sit up.

"Don't sound so sure of yourself, Toots," he says leaning down, his arms on either side of my body supporting his weight. "It's not healthy to lie to yourself."

"I'm not lying to myself," I stare directly into his dark eyes. He scoffs at my answer and slowly moves his head close to mine.

"Keep telling yourself that, maybe someday you'll actually believe it." he whispers looking back into my eyes. I stay silent not knowing what to reply with.

"Why did you even bring me here?" I finally find my voice and push him away from me.

"You fell asleep, I told you not to," he shrugs and sits on the bed beside me. "Now be the good girl you are and tell me what happened earlier."

"Shut up," I roll my eyes at him. He chuckles and leans back on his elbows. I am surprised by how good of a mood he is in. "And I can't tell you."

"Why is that?" he ask, amusement dancing in his eyes.

"It's a secret," say nonchalantly.

"Secrets don't make friends, Maddi," he mocks disappointment.

"I guess I'm just going to be alone for the rest of my life then," I say and he half chuckles and half scoffs.

"I would never let that happen," he tells me and my eyes widen at his serious tone.


"I'm serious, I love you," he says examining my reaction while I look at him like he is some crazy person who just escaped from the mental hospital.

"Zayn I-" I begin, but I am interrupted by his laughing.

"Oh my god!" he tries to speak but he is laughing too hard. My eyes turn into slits as I realize what he just did.


"You thought I-" he begins laughing harder, causing him to not finish.

"You're a fucking dick," I tell him and cross my arms over my chest.

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