Chapter 2: High.

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   "Conflate?" I ask. "Their gang name is Conflate?"  

   "Shh," he hushes me, "And yes."

   "That's a lame gang name." I scoff.

   "Shut it will ya?" The guy snaps at me.

   "What?" I say glancing over at the VIP section. "It's not like they could hear us."

   "You don't take chances like that." he defends.

   "Jeez you act like they're hardcore criminals," Kayla laughs almost awkwardly.

   "They might as well be." He mutters before walking off.

   "Weird," Kayla shrugs. "Now let's go dance!" she yells, downs her shots, then drags me out of my seat.

   "You expect me to dance in these?" I point to my heels.

    "Oh c'mon! You don't have to move your feet, just your hips!" she begins moving to the music.

   I sigh before slowly starting to sway my hips to the music. Kayla takes notice and takes my hands guiding me to dance more. Kayla could be a professional dancer if she wanted, so I don't mind her helping.

   "There you go, you've got it!" she squeal happy. I laugh, a bit too hard and accidentally bumps into someone near me.

   "Sorry!" I immediately apologize to who ever I just fell into.

   "Watch where the your fucking going!" he snaps looking down at his, now soaked, shirt.

   "Excuse you," I scoff completely thrown off my his rude demeanor. "I said sorry."

   "And I said watch where the fuck your going!" He says looking up at me. When he makes eye contact with me he begins smirking. It's one of those guys who the bartender told me about. He was light but tan skin, brown eyes, and black hair in a quiff. I think the bartender said his name was Zayn Malik.

   "Asswipe," I roll my eyes.

   "What did you just call me?" he asks, his smirk disappearing.

   "Did I stutter?" I ask. I know I am pissing him off and from how everyone acted when they came in, I probably shouldn't. But he still has no right to be rude to me.

   "You don't know who you're messing with little Miss American, so I suggest you shut your trap before I make you," he threatens me before walking off.

   His dark tone keeps me frozen in my spot. His eyes were so hard and cold. He makes me feel frighten and threatened in my own skin. A cold shiver runs down my spine, but I just shake it off.

   "What the hell was that?" Kayla asks, coming up from behind me.

   I just shrug and walk back to the bar. That little encounter was a bit odd. I guess that is why everyone seems intimidated by them, they are jerks, at least the Zayn is.

   I take a large gulp from my club soda and watch the people dance. I soon become aware of the dizzy feeling I am experiencing. I quickly stand up to find a bathroom.

   After my endless search for a bathroom I spot an exit sign. I need the fresh air before I throw up. I don't know what's making me sick, but I feel a really hot. 

   I push my way through the door just in time. I bend over towards the wall as throw up my lunch, since I have yet to ate dinner. I grunt and stand up wiping my mouth.

   Just as I am about to go back in and find Kayla, I hear faint yelling and arguing. I was going to ignore it until I heard a very loud cry for help. I rush around the corner into the ally.

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