Chapter 13: Bloody

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    I sit with my back pressed against the wall on the floor. Rebecca sits on the bed nervously. She has been very closed off and shy for the past thirty minutes we've been in here. Now that I am up closer to her, I notice all the little scars and bruises she has. Her white tank top has a blood stains all over and a prominent one by her left ribs.

   "How old are you," I decide to break the silence and be friendly.

   "19," she whispers.

   "Oh, when did you turn 19?" I smile a little, hoping to get her to open up.

   "Two weeks ago," she finally looks up at me. "How did you get capture?" she asks, throwing me off completely.

   "W-what?" I asks.

   "You know? Kidnapped," she says ashamed. "That guy that brought you in, I've never seen him before. He must be new," she fiddles with her fingers.

   I look down, not knowing what to say. I can't believe she was kidnapped. That is so sad, I wonder if all the other girls were kidnapped to. Just took away from their normal life, all their loved ones and friends. What kind of monster does that to someone?

   "I was- I wasn't kidnapped," I say. "That guy was Zayn Malik," I say and she gasps.

   "Z-Zayn Malik?" she gulps.

   "Heard of him?" I ask.

   "Yeah, my um-" she pauses. "The guy that runs this place talks about him. He seems scared of him, he think Zayn will try and shut him down." She explains. This honestly surprises me. I thought Zayn would be apart of this not trying to stop it.

   "If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is this place?" I cross my legs.

   "It's- I don't know the exact words to use," she chuckles sadly. "It's where us girls, who basically make money for Sam, live." I don't even have to ask how, when she says that they make money for Samuel I already know.

   "I'm really sorry, you have to go through this," I say.

   "Please don't," she tells me. "It's honestly not that bad anymore. As long you don't fight back it's pretty painless."

   "Rebecca-" I begin.

   "Call me Becca." she insists. "And please you don't have to feel sorry for me."

   I stay quiet after that, not wanting to upset her. Plus I don't really know what to say. Can't even imagine what she has been through or what any of the girls have been through. Well I have an idea, but it's probably a million times worse.

   Sometimes I feel like Zayn isn't that bad of a person. Sure he has anger issues and is way to possessive, but he isn't like Samuel. At least from what I know he isn't. Also I think Zayn really is trying to keep me safe. The only problem with that though, is I don't even know what he is protecting me from.

   No one has been weird around me lately besides Reid. Yet, Reid is the one who told me to stay by Zayn's side. He too, just like Zayn, has told me I'm in danger or whatever, but I don't understand how. That's probably why I am so careless, I don't even know what to be careful of.

   "It's almost ten o'clock," Becca randomly says.

   "Oh, are you tired?" I ask thinking she wants to go to bed.

  "No, it's almost time for the second round."

  "W-what?" I stutter.

  "Second round of guys. I have to get ready, don't worry you're new here. Beginners only watch their first couple of nights." she whispers.

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