I've had some people message me and complain about my updating.

I have a life which doesn't revolve around wattpad. I enjoy reading and writing. It's a hobby and I love the fact that people actually read and enjoy it.

I am almost 17, I have a job, friends, and family. I try to update frequently and the goals really help do that. When I open wattpad and see all the notifications I have or when my phone rings telling me I have one it reminds me and encourages me to write.

I understand it might be annoying having to wait for it to be met, but trust me without them it would take even longer.

When I write a chapter my "payment" or reward is being able to read all your comments and opinions and seeing that people actually enjoy it with votes. Your guy's reward for voting and commenting is a new chapter. I think it works quite well.

It takes a second to push the little star and vote. I also leave a question or two at the end of the chapter to help commenting. Honestly we could have an update ever two days if more people helped reach the goals.

So please don't complain and just appreciate it when I do update! I try hard to make this at least an okay story!

--All the love! ♥♥♡♥♥

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