Chapter 17: Issues

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   I stare at the scene unfolding in front of me with wary eyes. Harry decided to be kind and let Becca move in with him, so we are having a small celebration party. It was Harry's idea and I feel like he just wanted an excuse to drink excessively.

   "Why the hell are you acting like this!?" Niall yells at Hazel. She looks as if she is about to pass out and Niall seems to not care.

   "I- I'm sorry," she mumbles with tears in here eyes. Niall has pushed her once and if it wasn't for Zayn's arm around my waist I would hit him.

   "Sorry?" he scoffs, anger in his eyes.

   "Quite!" I yell at him before he could do anything to her. I've never seen Niall actually hit Hazel but he does love to push when he is pissed off.

   "Stay out of this Toots," Zayn warns. "This is none of your business."

   "He just pushed her and is being completely rude to her!" I say in disbelief.

   "She disobeyed him," Zayn says as all eyes are now on us.


   "Zayn, tame your fucking girl!" Niall barks. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

   "How about you tame yourself!" I spit back at him.

   "That's it," Zayn mumbles and begins dragging me out of Harry's apartment. I fight to get out of his grip but I fail and soon give up.

   "What the hell Zayn!?" I yell when he finally lets go of me.

   "Don't you ever talk to one my friends like that again!" he screams causing me to flinch back.

   "He was-"

   "I couldn't care less what he was doing!" he paces back in forth I front of me. He obviously is trying to keep his temper down. "Do you know how stupid you made me look!?"

   "Zayn I-"

  "Huh!?" he screams finally letting his anger get the best of him. He grabs my forearms and slams me again the brick wall. My head bounces off of it and let out a small yelp of pain. Immediately, I feel dizzy as the tears spew out of my eyes.

   "Stop," I plead in whisper. He lets go of me and I fall to the floor. My head feels like it is going go explode and is in excruciating pain.

   "Oh my god," I hear him whisper in shock before everything goes black.


   I wake up in my room, my head pounding. I groan remembering everything. I close my eyes tightly in hopes it will help me forget everything. It didn't work, but it was worth a shot.

   I reopen my eyes and get out of bed. It hurts just to move my head and walking just makes it worse. I should stay in bed, but I need water. I slowly make my way into the kitchen and grab a bottle. I open it and take a small sip before walking into the living room.

   "You're awake," I hear Kayla. I turn towards the direction of the couch and almost choke on my water. Luckily, for me, I didn't.

   I don't say anything as Kayla, Liam, and Zayn stare at me. What am I suppose to say? She acts as if I was just taking a nap. Am I suppose to say 'Yeah, I mean getting knocked out by Zayn slamming me against a brick wall was so refreshing'?

   "How is your head?" Liam asks. Zayn just continues to stare at me with no trace of emotion on his face.

   "Like how yours would be doing if some one half as big as you slams you against a fucking brick wall," I snap at him before walking away.

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