hapter 10: Conversation

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"'Cause I can't see forgiveness and you can't see the crime" Linkin park, Final Masquerade

I wake up, sunlight seeping through the window. I have a migraine and have no clue where I am. I look down and recognize the comforter immediately. I am in Zayn's room. While I move my hair out of face I touch my bruised cheek remembering Zayn's assault. I also remember the kiss and fighting in front of everyone. Gosh I couldn't be more embarrassed.

"Hey," Zayn's smooth voice rings through my ears. I look at him not saying a words. "Are you feeling okay?" Again, no response. "C'mon Maddi, please speak." he begs. I keep quiet not knowing what to say.

He sighs and walks out the room. Minutes later he walks back with pills and a glass of water. He looks at me and I swear I see a flash of guilt, but it's gone before I could be positive. Knowing Zayn as much as I do, he most likely wouldn't say or feel sorry for his actions.

"Here this will help with your um, hangover," he mutters and places the pills and glass on the night table beside the bed.

I stare at the pills curiously. They don't look like normal teylonol or advil. I am for sure as hell not taking those. Zayn probably wants to poison me just because he knows he could. Zayn sighs and sits on the edge of the bed. I don't move a muscle or say a word.

"Look Toots, I know I got a bit angry last night, but you should have listened to my orders." I don't know what he said exactly to set me off, but it did. Maybe it was him saying he got "a bit angry" or that I should have listened to his orders. But next thing I know I fly at Zayn, taking him by surprise. He lands on his back on the bed.

"F uck you Zayn! F.uck you!" I scream trying to slap him. He grabs my hand before I could connect it with his face. I struggle to regain control of my hand as my other comes up digging into his wrist. I fight against him trying to hit him, but he is just too strong.

"Stop Madison!" he yells trying to get me off of him, but I just fight back harder. He sits up knocking me off him a little before he grabs me throwing me down on the bed as he hovers over me.

"Toots calm down," he growls and I realize that I'm crying.

"Get off me Zayn." I sniff, looking away from his gorgeous face. I would be lying if said Zayn was ugly. He is anything but that. I'm sure he could be a model if he really wanted to.

"Are you going to be civilized?" he asks which sets me off again. I fling up at him but just fall back down since he is still on top of me.

"I just want to go home," I sigh giving up.

"All right, I'll take you home." he says climbing off of me. I look at him completely surprised. He is actually listening to me.

"Okay," I mutter and stand up squinting in pain. I touch the right side of my forehead where a big bump has taken place. This and me getting drunk last night are the reasons for my agonizing headache.

"Are you all right?" Zayn glances at me, worried locked in his eyes yet the cold and bitterness never leaves.

"You don't get to ask that," I complain and try to find my clothes.

I just realized I'm wearing a pair of his boxers and his shirt. I quickly find them and go to the bathroom to change. Once I'm done I come out to find Zayn pacing back and fourth on the phone. His beautiful face is in frown and I could hear slight yelling coming from the phone.

"Damn it!" Zayn suddenly yells causing me to jump back in surprise. He looks over at me and his feature slightly softening. "I'm on my way," he says and hangs up.

"Ready?" I ask quietly.

"Um, yeah, yeah," he says, trying to calm down. "I just got to make a stop first before taking you home."

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