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I stare at the white flakes that suuround me. I love the snow. It's just so peaceful to watch it fall from the sky, covering everything it lands on. It's also so beautiful, the way it glistens and sparkles. It's also cold to the touch and univiting.

It reminds me of how so many things in life are absolutely stunning and seems like they couldn't be anything but perfect, yet when you look deeper it turns out to be a huge disappointment. When I first met Zayn, he was one of these things. A pretty face but an ugly personality. Now, though, after looking deeper, much much deeper, he is actually this caring and romantic person.

After walking around for a few more minutes I decide to go back inside. I go in through the kitchen door so I could make myself some hot coco. I'll make Zayn a cup too, maybe we could watch some movies till my parents get back.

Janette is sitting at the counter coloring. I smile and walk over to her. She looks up at me, eyes big with excitement and curiosity. I smile at her before looking down at what she is drawing.

"What are you doing?" I ask her.

"Making santa," she says. "Mommy said he isn't real, Zan said he was." she pronouces Zayn's namely weirdly.

"When did you talk to Zayn?"

"He got wader," she points to the fridge and I smile at her pronunciation of water. "And he drew me this." I look down at a cartoon version of Santa Clause.

"That was sweet of him," I smile.

"He's my friend," she nods enthusiastically and I laugh.

"Well why don't me, you, and your new friend watch a Christmas movie and drink some hot chocolate. Sounds good?" I ask her.

"Yes!" She screeches.

"Go get Zayn while I make the hot chocolate," I help her off the seat and she runs out of the kitchen.

I smile to myself and grab the milk out of the fidge. When I turn around I let out a small yelp when Mia is standing right in front of me. I awkwardly laugh and take a step back. She smiles at me and I return the gesture.

"So you're the sister I've heard so much about."

Zayn's POV

"Zan!" I hear a high pitched screech. I turn my head the direction it's coming from and see Jannette running towards me.

"Jan," I lightly yell making her giggle when she stops directly in front of me.

"That's not my name silly," she tells me.

"I know," I chuckle. "Its a nickname."

"A nickname?" she frowns in confusion.

"Yeah, like Maddi is a nickname. Her real name is Madison but sometimes we call her Maddi."

"You call her toots," she giggles again. "That's a funny name."

I gasp, "I'm offended. I thought it was a cute nickname."

"It sounds like a dog," she smiles, watching my reaction. My eyes widen and I look at her horrified.

"A dog? I thought we were friends," I tickle her tummy and she burst out giggling.

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