Chapter 1: Going Out.

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"How the hell are we going to afford living here?" My best friend Kayla asks.

"My internship is paying for most of it," I shrug.

"You are so damn lucky to have gotten the internship," she mumbles.

"Hey, you're lucky too! You are going to go to university here with me and you are practically living here for free!"

"True," she nods. "Now let's get finished unpacking and go out for a little fun."

"It is our first day here, we are not going out so where you get pissed drunk and I have to carry you home."

"Don't be a party pooper Maddi!" she whines. "On the way here I saw what looks like a really hot club, and since we are 19 and the legal drinking age here is 18 we won't have to bribe the bartender!"

"Sorry Kayla."

"Please! Live a little!" she begs. "It will be fun, I promise"

"Fine," I reluctantly agree. She squeals, jumping before engulfing me in a hug.

We unpack the last of our things before deciding to get dressed. Kayla goes into her room while I go into mine. I grab a long flowy dress, some flats, and add light makeup.

"What the hell?" Kayla says when she sees me.

"What?" I ask confused.

"You are not wearing that!"

"Um actually I am. See how it's on my body?" I roll my eyes at her.

"Your not wearing that to the club," she elaborates.

"And why not?" I ask.

"Because it's a club not a church," she rolls her eyes. "Now let's get you hottified"

"Hottified? Seriously?" I scoff.

"Yep," she nods and pulls me back into my room.

She rummages through my closet looking for something I could wear that she approves of. She finally pulls out a short black dress with skinny straps. She throws it at me before bending down and grabbing a pair a red heels.

"Put them on," she orders, playfully. "I'll wait in the living room."

I sigh and put them on. The black dress falls a little bit farther than half way down my thigh, so it's short but not too short. I slip on the red heels which is a bad idea. I could barely stand in heels much less walk.

I stumble my way to the living room where Kayla is waiting. When she sees me struggling to walk in the heels she laughs. I flip her off before speaking.

"I can't wear these!"

"C'mon you'll get use to them." She links her arm with mine.

We begin the short journey to the club. We, of course, walk. I am still use to driving in the States which is the right side of the road not the left. Plus, I'm sure Kayla will be too drunk to drive.

After about ten minutes of me tripping and holding on to Kayla so I wouldn't fall, we arrive at the club. Since it is still a bit early not many people are in line and the wait is short.

"The bar is over there," Kayla points out. "Let's go get a drink."

I nod in agreement and we walk over there. We sit on a couple stools at the end of the bar, kind of close to the VIP section. It wasn't intentional, it just so happened it was the less crowed part. Kayla refused at first since, as she put it, is "single and ready to mingle" and being away from people won't help.

I, of course, won considering she dragged me here so it was only fair. She rolled her eyes but finally agreed.

"Hello ladies," A young bartender, about a year older than me, greeted us.

"Hello," I reply politely.

"What might I get you two beautiful girls?" he asks. I roll my eyes at his cheesy comment while Kayla giggles.

"Four shots of vodka, two for each of us," Kayla orders.

"Actually" I intervene. "I would just like club soda, please." The bartender nods before walking off to get us our drinks.

"Party pooper!" Kayla pouts at me.

"Oh get over it," I roll my eyes. Soon after, the bartender boy comes back.

"Your orders" He winks. I supress the urge to roll my eyes.

I didn't come to London to get hit on my bartenders who most likely still lives at home and relies on their mom to do their laundry. And I'm not really in the best mood. Suddenly the club becomes silent except for the loud music.

l turn around to see why everyone has suddenly decided to shut up. Everyone is staring at three guys walking through the club. The blonde one is with a brunette girl who keeps her gaze on the floor.

Everyone continues to stare at them until they are sat in the VIP section. Not till then does everyone begin to talk and dance again.

"Who are they?" I turn around to ask the bartender.

"Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne" he answers like I am suppose to know their names.

"Okay? So why was everyone staring at them?"

"Wait? You don't who they are?" he asks shocked.

"No of course I do! That's why I asked who they were, because I already knew," I reply flatly.

"Maddi," Kayla warns in a whisper. The boy just rolls his eyes before answering.

"They practically run London. Malik there owns one of the biggest businesses here, along with the others but Malik's has always been just a bit more successful. The three of them along with two others are the leaders," he informs us in a hushed voice.

"Leaders of what?" Kayla asks.

"The biggest most powerful gang in London, Conflate."


The first like ten to thirteen chapters need editing, they are also not very well planned out. But I promise it all gets put together and everything gets better! So please continue reading, I swear it's not all crappy.

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