Chapter 8: Office Coffee

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I sit down in my small cubicle that I was assigned. It's not an office, but it's better than nothing. Plus the job is paying for my apartment so I'm not complaining. I only have an hour left before I am allowed to leave and after that I have class.

I am completely worn out from caring for Kayla all morning and the lack of sleep. I would kill for the opportunity to sleep right now. I have been drinking the nasty coffee from the work room to keep my focus on managing some of the business books, but it doesn't seem to be effective. I hope I don't make a mistake either.

I sigh and stand up to get yet another refill of coffee. I wish they had tea which I find a bit strange. Aren't the British suppose to be obsessed with tea? I shake the thought from my head as I walk into the almost empty work room. Besides me is some really sketchy looking guy who I assume doesn't work here. He is probably associated with Zayn's other type of business.

"Damn, why is such a hot young lady looking so exhausted?" he steps towards me.

"I don't know, why is such a young ignorant man so cocky?" I fire back at him. I'm not in the mood to deal with stupid people at the moment. He laughs coldly before answering me.

"Feisty," he looks me up and down. "Not really my type, I like quiet, submissive ones, but your looks make up for it."

"Yeah well I don't like the rude and horny type and saddly your looks don't make up for it," I mock dissapointment.

This obviously, doesn't sit well with him, as I expected. The one thing I didn't expect, though, was his hand flying up and connecting with my left cheek. I let out a small squeal and grab on to the counter before I could fully loose balance.

I regain posture and glare at him. Who the hell does he think he is? Before I could register what I am doing my hand connects with his cheek. If he thought he could hit me and I wouldn't defend myself then he was seriously mistaken.

"You little bitch," he says through clenched teeth. His arm raises again only this time his hand is in a fist. Before he could go though with his assault a harsh and angry voice speaks.

"Will," Zayn speaks and the guy's face goes pale. "What the hell is going on here!?"

"She- she slapped me!" the guy blames me. Great now I'm going have to deal with Zayn.

"Only because he slapped me first!" I defend. I feel like a child who is in trouble with her parents.

"Because she was being disrespectful!"

"Ugh," I scoff. "You little prick!"

"See!" Will points at me. "She needs discipline."

"Will leave," Zayn orders stepping close to me. Will curses under his breath, but does as he was told.

"You seriously can't be mad at me," I roll my eyes.

"No actually I can. You nor anyone else is allowed to talk to my men with disrespect. And in fact that is one of the rules here Toots," Zayn's eyes look extremely dark and cold. His face is scrunched up in anger ready to boil over.

"H-he was-" I begin but Zayn impedes my explanation.

"I don't give a fuck!" he screams and I'm pretty sure my coworkers could hear him. "You are to obey the damn rules got it!?"

"What rules are you talking about Zayn? Yours or the office's?" I glare at him.

"Both," he breathes out.

"You don't own me, I'm my own person. And I will not listen to your outragest rules!" I snap which is a stupid move on my part.

Zayn grabs my shoulders turning us and slamming me into the wall. My back burns as I hit the wall with a loud thump. He presses his body against mine. His face merely a few centimeters away from mine. He breathes heavily and his eyes are glowing with anger.

"That's where you're wrong Maddi," he whispers. "You are mine and you will listen and obey me, got it?"

I try to keep my face neutral and show no fear, but I'm completely failing at it. Honestly Zayn does scare me, but it's not his anger issues that scare me. What scares me is how intimidating and powerful he is. He isn't use to being told no and I'm positive me being so stubborn makes it worse for myself.

"I-" I try to speak but I don't want my voice to betray me and crack in fear. So, instead, I just nod to indicate the I do.

"Say it out loud," he commands. I know he what wants me to say, but I can't. I can't and I won't.

"Zayn, you're hurting me," I whine. His fingers are digging into my arms.

"Say it!" he repeats completely ignoring my pain.

"Stop it please," I beg again, only annoying him even more.

Something changes in his eyes from mad to almost sad and regretful and he hastily steps back before letting go of me. Without him holding me up I crumble to the floor. I glare up at him before glancing at the door where Louis and Eleanor stand. I have no clue how long they have been there, but I find it really embarrassing. Eleanor looks sympathetic and Louis looks bored with a glint of sympathy locked behind his cold eyes.

"Get up and go back to work, I won't have you slacking off!" Zayn commands.

"You know what Zayn?" I say and I stand up.

"What Toots?" he snaps.

"I really fucking hate you," I push past him, Louis, and Eleanor. If I knew coming here was going to cause this much trouble I would have stayed back in America.

"Okay class, you are dismissed," The professor says and everyone stands up.

My back feels like it's on fire from Zayn's little assault this morning. Luckily for more me, I only have one class left but sadly that class is the one class I have with Reid. I feel like my week just keeps getting worse by the second.

I really want to just go home and take hot bubble bath and sleep. I don't think skipping one class will hurt and I really don't want to deal with Reid at the moment. I just need time to myself and maybe call my aunt and check on how everything is going back home.

I pull my coat closer to me as I walk down the sidewalk in London's harsh weather. My book bag is on my shoulder and repeatedly hits my hip as I walk. I am only about fifteen minutes from my apartment and it looks like it's about to rain.


A black fancy car drives past me before stoping a few feet ahead of me. I look down at my feet as I walk faster. I don't know if it is normal for cars to randomly stop while people walk by here in Britain, but it's not in America.

"Toots!" a familiar and annoying voice calls out. I continue to walk pretending I didn't hear it. Hopefully he will leave. My hope is soon crushed when I hear his car door slam shut and his footsteps behind me.

"Madison," he touches my shoulder and I turn around to glare at him.

"What do you want Zayn?" I yell. "To throw me against some more walls? Or how about to be complete and utter dick to me!?" His eyes squint together in anger as he speaks.

"Just shut the hell up and get in the car."

"Wow," I laugh. "I'm not getting in your car and you must be pretty stupid if you think I am," I turn around walking away but I don't get far. He grabs my wrist and spins me around. I crash into his chest and he holds me there.

"You could either do this the easy way or the hard way, the choice is up to you."

"What?" I gasp sarcastically "You're actually letting me decide something for myself!? Why thanks Zayn."

"Cut the bullcrap and get in the fucking car!" he snaps.

"Nah," I shake my head, "Rather not." Next thing I know I am over Zayn's shoulder and being thrown into the back seat of his car.
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