Chapter 7: Afraid of falling

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"Zayn?" I call and stop walking. We are currently about to walk out on the roof of a fifteenth floored building.

"Hurry Toots!" he snaps holding the door to the rooftop.

"Zayn you're even more insane than I thought if you think I'm going on the roof with you."

"Oh come on Madison don't be a baby," he rolls his eyes.

"I'm not being a baby! I barely know you and we will be fifteen floors off the ground! I'm being practical," I glare at him and he laughs.

"What babe? Are you afraid of falling?" He continues to laugh as if it's the funniest thing in the world. I seem to be missing the 'funny' part in this.

"No," I mumble confused.

"Face it you are. It's not like you're going to slip off the roof and I'm not going to push you off it."

"Hmm I don't know about that, you're pretty crazy," I snap at him. He returns my remark with a glare.

"Look, be a fucking wuss. I don't have time to deal with your annoying ass." he storms pass me to the elevator and waits for it to open.

What the hell crawled up his butt and died? He seriously can't be that mad just because I didn't want to go on the roof with him. He has some serious issues and needs therapy or some kind of help.

"Get in the damn elevator or walk down the stairs," he snaps at me, obviously annoyed. How was he laughing just seconds before?

I slowly shuffle towards the elevator and step in. I have a feeling if I were to choose the stairs then he would just get angrier. I really don't want to have to deal with a mad Zayn. Tonight has already been bad enough and I just want to go home and sleep.

"You better not be late tomorrow," Zayn suddenly says.


"For work."

"Right..." I trail off for a few seconds. "So are you like my boss your something?"

"Or something," he mumbles still in a sour mood. Soon we reach my floor and I walk off the elevator. I mentally debate if I should tell Zayn goodbye, but decide against it when he doesn't say anything either.

When I walk into my apartment all the lights are off and Kayla isn't home. I am guessing she is with Liam since she doesn't really know anyone else. I sigh and go to the bathroom to take a long hot shower. I need something to relax my muscles and wash away my stress.


After I get out of the shower I decide to organize my money management books. I love working and dealing with numbers and solving math problems. Many people find it odd or boring, but I just love it. That's the main reason why I came here to London. Malik's Books and Numbers is one of the biggest accounting firms in the world.

Now that I think about it, it's obvious Zayn owns it or someone in his family. He seems too young to be so successful in the business world. Although, who knows? Maybe he worked really hard to get to this place or just scared people to get to the top.

I remember Reid telling me that since he in such a huge gang that no one says no to him. I don't really know if I should trust Reid because of all the stuff I just found out. I am still really confused about the events that took place tonight.

The dinner, Zayn, Reid, and knowing that someone spiked my drink really clouds my mind. I want to march up to Zayn and demand answers since he did make me come to dinner and got me involved in what ever it is. But I know he would just yell, laugh, or shrug it off, so it's useless to even try. I could always ask Reid about it all. I just don't want to deal with him or even talk to him. He has done unspeakable things to women and it disgustes me to no end.

I take a deep breath to help clear my mind before opening my book. I will probably do some accounting for an hour before going to sleep. Tomorrow is my first actual day at my internship and I am so nervous. I just hope I could get through the day without having a head ache.


I wake up from a loud crashing noise coming from the living room. I sit up, switch the light on before slowly tip-toeing out onto the living room. I find a very drunk and very delirious Kayla.

The left shoulder of her dress is hanging off her shoulder and it's dirty and all beat up. Her makeup is literally smeared all over her face and her hair looks like a nest for a bird.

"Kayla?" I gawk at her. What the hell happened?

"Ma-Maddi!" she slurrs and steps towards me which results in her stumbling over.

"What the f.uck happened to you?" I grumble annoyed as I look at the clock. Its three in the morning and I have to be at work by six thirty so I'm not late.

"I am really sleepy," she giggles, ignoring my question.

"Kayla were you with Liam?"

"Liam? Liam Payne. You know his last name really suits him. He loves making others feel pain," she looks down at the ground and back up at me. "I think I'm going to throw up."

She stumbles off to the bathroom and I follow her. I hold her hair back as she throws up and rub her back. I have to fight my urge to throw up too. She is lucky I love her.

"Okay, so what happened between you and Liam?" I ask as soon as she is done throwing up.

"He told me that him and I could never truly be together. That I am more of a fuck buddy than a girlfriend. Even after all the crap I've done for him," a few tears escape her eyes.

"He told you that?" I gasp.

"Yes, well no, but that's what he meant."

"I'm sorry Kayla, I know how much you liked him," I tell her. Before she could reply she throws up again. This is going to be a crappy night, well, technically morning.


Kayla finally falls asleep after half an hour of throwing up and another hour and half of telling me what happened. She was pretty much crying the entire time. She told me Liam said that in his kind of business he isn't allowed to have a girlfriend and that it is too dangerous. But he wants to continue seeing her and Kayla thinks he only wants to have sex with her.

It is almost five thirty in the morning and I might as well stay awake. I need to get ready and be at my internship at six thirty. I have no clue why I agreed to early hours. I go to my room and grab an outfit to wear. It consists of a black pencil skirt and light purple blouse. I am too lazy to do my hair so I throw it up in a bun. I put mascarar on and some concealer to hide the bags and dark circles under my eyes, but it's pretty much useless.

I make myself a cup of coffee and a muffin. I usually hate coffee, but I seriously need it. After I'm done eating and drinking my coffee it's pretty much time for me to leave. I put on a long coat and grab my things before leaving. I hope Kayla will be fine today.

The walk to work is boring and I freeze the entire time. Back where I lived in America it was just as cold if not colder so I'm pretty much used to it. Although it still pretty much sucks. I finally make my way onto the building and sigh in relief.

I debate taking the stairs or elevators but end up taking the elevator. I might as well get over my stupid fear of them. I am going to be riding on them a lot now. When I get to the sixteenth floor I go to check myself in.

"Oh Hello," Amanda gives me a fake smile when she sees me. Gosh this is going to be a long day.

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