Chapter 54: Home Sweet Home

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Zayn's POV

    Maddi and I step off the airplane into the airport. We make it through the crowd to go grab our bags. Harry is suppose picking us up. I'm not gonna lie, it was nice being away from all the drama that was here, but I'm glad to be back. Even more glad to be away from Madison's family.  They are just too stuck up for me amdv remind me of my family too much. I obviously like Jannette and Brody was pretty chill and way different from her parents.

   Once we have all our stuff I dial Harry's number. He picks up on the second ring and tells me his waiting for us. When we get to the pick up area Harry isn't there and I groan in annoyance. I put the bags down beside me and turn towards Madison who also puts the bag she was carrying down.

   "Come here," I tell her and she steps closer to me. I wrap my arms around her, holding her close to my chest. "I love you."

   "I love you," she breathes in deeply. I feel her body relax into my arms.

   "Did you have a nice time?" I softly ask her. 

   "No," she sighs. "But you made it better."

   "Good," I smile and pull a away from her. She looks up at me and I lean in to give her a soft peck on the lips. Just as our lips touch there is a honk making her jump and us pull away completely.

   "Get in the car!" Harry yells from the car. Madison laughs and I shake my head annoyed.


   Maddi's POV

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   Maddi's POV

    I stare at myself in the mirror in Zayn's bathroom. My hair curled and make up done. I have on a off whit sweater crop top with a matching high waisted skirt and black heels. Zayn is taking me to a business party and I'm actually really nervous. I've been to parties with him before but never something fancy.

   I take a deep breath in before looking over myself again. Afterwards I walk out of the bathroom and search for Zayn. He walks put of his bedroom and I gape at him. He looks good, really good. He is a suit with his hair done perfectly. Zayn really is a master peice.

   "Whoa," he says and looks my body up and down. I flush and look at the ground

   "Whoa to you too," I reply.

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