I knock a second time, harder, on the white door infront of me. I am very aware that it is only four in the morning, but I continue to knock. I stop for a few seconds before knocking again. Instead of the door infront of me, the door across the hall opens. A tall, built, hazel eye guy steps out.

   "Could you maybe not be so loud?" he asks. Well he is extremely good looking. I blush looking down, embarrassed that I woke him up.

   "Sorry," I mumble. "I am just trying to wake up-"

   "Zayn?" he smirks. "Good luck with that."

   "What do you mean?" I say more harsh then I was attending.

   "Whoa!" he laughs putting his hands up. "I didn't mean it in a bad way. Last night he brought a girl home. Usually when that happens he sleeps heavily." 

   "How do you know?" I ask in a whispers. I shouldn't feel hurt over this but I do. Zayn told me I was his and I bet if I even flirted with a guy he would freak out. So why is he aloud to hook up with other girls? Even though we aren't dating it still makes me angry.

   "I've been his neighbor for a year," he scratches his head.

   "Oh," I turn around and bang on Zayn's door as loud as I possibly can before turning around and smiling at the guy.

   "Are you his girlfriend?"

   "Nope," I say and Zayn finally answers the door. He squints at me then at his neighbor.

   "What the fuck Maddi?" Zayn speaks, his voice raspy and laced with exhaustion. I would be lying if I said Zayn didn't look extremely hot. He is shirtless and his sweats hang teasingly low on his hips.

   "Just came to say hello," I glare at him and smile tightly.

   "What?" he snaps, clearly not liking my reason for pounding on his door at four in the morning.

   "Yep!" I nod. "You didn't answer, but your neighbor.." I trail off not knowing his name.


   "Wesley here," I scoot closer to him. "Did answer and he seems to be very interesting."

   "Toots get inside," Zayn snaps and opens the door wider. Just as he does that a familiar lavender head of locks walks into sight.

   "You know Zayn, I would love to." I begin causally. "But I would hate to ruin yours and Amanda's time together." I turn to walk away but a hand grips my wrist.

   "Don't be a fucking baby and get inside," Zayn whispers in my ear. He pulls me towards him to where my back is pushed against his bare chest.

   "I hate you," I mutter and push away from him and into his damn apartment. Zayn scrowls at Wesley before following me and slamming the door.

   "Go back to bed Amanda," Zayn says and she walks back into his room mumbling something to herself.

   "You must have had a fun night," I mutter sarcastically, walking into his kitchen.

   "Why are you here? The real reason this time," he puts some coffee in his coffee pot.

  "I need some help," I answer.

  "Help with what?" he asks, glancing at me.

   "Becca needs a place to stay," I say. "I was hoping you would know a place where she would be able to go. Like a house for homeless girls?"
   "Sure there are a few," he says.

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