Chapter 6: Clarification

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   "So we are here to talk about what happened Saturday." Niall says.

   "Yes I could see that," the guy with the scar, whose name I learned is Ross, says.

   "So where is Holly? She should be here." Zayn asks.

   "Holly is no longer a part of this. I dumped her." Ross replies.

   "Alright, well we would like to know exactly why little Johnny boy was spiking the drinks." Liam says.

   "That's nonsense." Ross chuckles shaking his head.

   "What made you come to that conclusion?" Reid asks, eyeing me. I really wish he would stop doing that. Everytime he looks at me Zayn squeezes my thigh, I'm pretty sure I'll have a bruise.

   "Zayn," I let out a small whimper a bit too loud gaining attention from everyone. He squeezed me extra hard that time.

   "What is it toots?" he looks at me coldly, as if daring me to speak.

   "N-nothing," I shake my head. He rolls his eyes then glares at Reid.

   "Your friend spiked Madison's drink. That's how we came to the conclusion." Zayn answers Reid's question. So that's why I was feeling and acting weird.

   "Is this true?" Ross's dark, cold eyes narrow in on Reid. How would he know though?

   "Yes," he mutters. I look at him in disbelief. How is Reid involved in people and things like this?

   "This is unacceptable. We need as much of the product we could get. You and Johnny can't go around using it to drug girls and rape them." Ross scolds him. I can't stop the gasp that escapes my lips, and once again everyone is staring at me. But all I could think about is how Reid is a rapist.

   "Maddi it's not like that." Reid talks directly to me.

   "Y-you're a rapist," I look at him mortified.

   "You two know eachother?" Amanda speaks for the first time tonight.

   "Madison," Zayn's strict voice calls. "How do you know him?"

   "You don't have to answer him," Reid states.

   "Yes she fucking does," Zayn barks at him.

   "Maddi he doesn't control you," Reid says.

   "Shut the hell up! Madison, how?"

   "I-I," I stutter. What the hell is happening? Why does Zayn care how I know him and why does Reid not want him to know?

   "Spit it out already!" Zayn snaps. My head is spinning.

   "Leave her alone," Reid stands up and walks over to me. "Let's go," he holds his hand out for me.

   "She isn't going anywhere" Zayn also stands up.

   "That's for her to decide, not you."

   "She won't go with you, not now that she knows you're a rapist." Zayn smirks.

   "I am not a rapist and even if I was you have raped more girls than anyone else at this table."

   "What?" I ask shocked, looking up at Zayn.

   "We are leaving. Now." Zayn grabs my forearm and pulls me up harshly.

   "Don't fucking touch her!" Reid yells gaining the attention of the rest of the restuant.   

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